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[Shoppers Drug Mart] Shoppers Drug Mart F&F - Tues Nov. 14 - 20% Off

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  • Nov 16th, 2017 5:26 am
Oct 31, 2010
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I just pulled the trigger on the Nintendo Switch with the F&F 20% discount plus redeemed $85.

$319.99 - $80 + 12% BC taxes - $85 Optimum points = $276.18

I didn't have a 20x points promo, but did have a 3000 bonus. However, I did get a 20x points promo which is valid for tomorrow only. I am thinking of using it for the Zelda. After reading all these posts, I think the 20x points might be more of a better deal. 400 * 10 * 20x =

Btw...Shopper's in Coquitlam on Como Lake Ave, has 1 left....
Mar 28, 2017
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Vancouver, BC
I had bought mine not long ago at the one by Metrotown. I’d call them. They had them on the back but not on display.
Jun 15, 2016
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Yep the location I mentioned had both also cars and mine craft and arms
Jun 18, 2017
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For those in Calgary looking for a psp4 pro. Millrise location in service has a whole bunch of them, guess stocking up for this weekend and sale.
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May 8, 2005
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Birchmount & Ell…
Rogues2017 wrote:
Nov 14th, 2017 2:59 pm
i was at yonge and elmont ave and the SDM didnt have any consoles. the price tag read 299.99 for ps4 500gb and it was a clearance price with the opportunity to earn optimum points. Not clear though how much. Will try my luck tomorrow at agincourt with 20x. hopefully i get a ps4 .
Agincourt only had the 2k18 bundle left. I bought the only pro they had today.at least thats what the guy told me.
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Aug 25, 2015
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Montreal, QC
Homer001 wrote:
Nov 14th, 2017 4:12 pm
Anyone seen different bundles of the 500gb Xbox one s. I can only find the hot wheels one
i've seen the halo, forza, gears, minecraft, BF1 and assassin's creed bundles here in Montreal
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Oct 18, 2004
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clicketyclick wrote:
Nov 14th, 2017 10:59 am
I don't get the math here.

If you buy a Switch with 20x points:
Price: $452
Points: 400 x 10 x 20 = 80,000 points = $136 in PC Optimum points
Effective Price: $316

If you buy a Switch with 20% discount:
Price: $361.60
Points: 320 x 10 = 3200 points = $4 in PC Optimum points
Effective Price: $357.60

Difference: 357.60 - 316 = $41.60

Therefore, waiting for a 20x day and spending more up-front will only net you $41.60 more in the longrun, or about 9% back off your payment. $41.60 is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but it's not $60. And because 95,000 points is worth $170 now and $170 after conversion to PC Optimum points, it doesn't matter whether you redeem now or wait till the merge. If you don't intend to shop at Loblaws/Fortinos/RCSS/NoFrills (for example: Metro, FoodBasics, Sobeys, Walmart, chinese grocers, etc.) then maybe it's not worth it.
Agreed. I wouldn't be spending any points unless it was a mega redemption.
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Oct 18, 2004
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solisjava wrote:
Nov 14th, 2017 11:51 am
All I can say is wait until Feb 1, 2018. The maximum redemption under the merger will increase to $500 to which if you have enough points the Switch can be had for "free" except for the taxes.
Actually you can have the Switch for free outright. You can redeem points to pay the after tax amount, unless something changes Feb. 1st.
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May 12, 2004
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Lone_Prodigy wrote:
Nov 14th, 2017 3:03 pm
Returns are YMMV. Definitely confirm with the store first.
It's not YMMV. It's corp policy. Electronics, returnable within 30 days if unopened and sealed in saleable condition.


"Returns will only be given if original product is returned in the original sealed box in saleable condition with a receipt and within the 30 day return period from original date of purchase"
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Apr 6, 2007
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Lasalle on champlain has 2 Nintendo switch left both black. Cashier had no clue how to enter the promo sk i had to guide her
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Jul 13, 2009
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BMDJag wrote:
Nov 14th, 2017 3:59 pm
Hmmm. I picked up a Switch on Saturday on the 20x event. Is the current deal better then that if you have a 15x coupon (which I do)? Just wondering if I should go do a rebuy at the location. I did confirm they will return it if its unopened (which with the switch I am not sure how they would deal with since every switch sold is not sealed).

Also anyone know of any locations in Vancouver that have Mario Odyssey or Zelda in stock?
Yes 20% off + 15x is better than just 20x. I used Ontario sales tax (13%) for calculation but BC is really similar (12%).

20x Points
price: $452
points: 400 x 10 x 20 = 80,000 = $136 PC Optimum (or $143.16 if maxed*)
effective price: $316 (or $308.84*)

20% off + 15x Points
price: $361
points: 320 x 10 x 15 = 48,000 = $75.79 PC Optimum (or $85.92 if maxed*)
effective price: $285.81 (or $275.68*)

That's a ~$30 difference. Of course, the math gets wonkier if you redeem points.
(* – to maximise your PC Optimum points upon conversion, you have to have over 95,000 shoppers points)
Sep 8, 2014
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Toronto, ON
Just picked up a neon Switch at the Shoppers at Rimrock Plaza. Not sure how many are left but there’s at least one grey one (cashier grabbed both a neon and a grey one out from the back to ask me which I wanted). Was able to stack the 20% coupon along with points redemption. Call ahead!