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Should we upgrade from Simply Accounting 2007 to recent Sage 50 or Quickbooks?

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  • Mar 17th, 2017 2:30 pm
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May 23, 2003
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Should we upgrade from Simply Accounting 2007 to recent Sage 50 or Quickbooks?

Curious if the benefits of recent accounting software are worth it? We are using Simply Accounting still (2007 version). That software is now called Sage 50. I see they have the 2017 version of that on sale until tomorrow for $199 at Best Buy ($100 off). Quickbooks Pro 2017 is $209.99.

We currently don't use the Payroll module for Simply (don't have it) and do payroll calculations via the CRA website. We print invoices to PDF and manually e-mail out the invoices.

Just wondering for those that have used older and newer versions of these software programs if it is worth the upgrade for basic book keeping/invoicing. I know I don't want a cloud version (don't want monthly fees).

Wondering how easy it would be to convert from SA to Quickbooks too and which is better - Sage 50 or Quickbooks.
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May 29, 2012
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I use simply accounting software.
First time as 2009, but I have to buy it every year for the payroll, thats where they really get you. I paid $1100 for my last subscription.
If you dont do payroll I haven't noticed a huge change in the rest of the program, but for $199 for one that is a decade newer I think would be a good value.
I noticed you mentioned about invoices, I know with the newer version you can email invoices directly from simply, so that convenience might be wroth it for you.

I have not used quick-books but last year I called them to check prices to compare to simply, for what i understand quick-books is only online now, monthly subscription, cloud based.

If you use it even remotely regularly I would pay to update, not every year but once a decade I think is OK.

I'm jealous, I have nightmares about when I get the call from the sales rep from sage telling it that time again and the price goes up by 100-200 every year.
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There is still a desktop version of QB, not cloud only
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