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Shutters: Wood vs Polywood

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  • Mar 25th, 2012 9:28 am
Mar 24, 2012
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Shutters: Wood vs Polywood


I would like to get interior shutter in my open-concept semi, including one small window over the kitchen sink. I have received quotes for both wood and poly wood shutter (with poly wood being slightly more, but not enough to make price the determining factor). The internet research I have done has made good points for both, with a bent towards one or the other depending on what the particular manufacture/installer specializes in! Anyone with experience in either/both who would like to pipe in?

While polywood seems to be the most stable and durable of the 2 materials, I have read that no matter the claim, it is still a petroleum product, so any claims of never yellowing are ultimately false. While wood is knocked for warping over time, one manufacturer I questioned asked me if I had wood cupboards, floors and trim in my kitchen (I do) and if it has warped or cracked (it has not).

What's the better choice????
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Nov 17, 2007
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I have wooden ones and I love them. I know a lot of people with the polywood and while they paid a lot more for theirs, they just don't look as nice, IMHO.

Have you checked out PCShutters? There is a thread on here about them and while I have nnothing to do with them other than having them make and install my shutters, I HIGHLY recommend them. GOOD LUCK with whatever choice you make.

Oh, and the polywood ones I've seen do seem to have a yellowish tinge to them after a not too long period of time. I can't speak to the potential warping of the wooden ones as mine were only installed last September.