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SIP account for Google Voice to use with VOIP ATA

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  • Dec 21st, 2013 10:30 pm
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SIP account for Google Voice to use with VOIP ATA

Here is a way to get SIP account by register your Google Voice account on "Simon Telephonics" server.

1) Create Google Voice account

You need a permanent US Google Voice number so people can call you on that number. The registration requires US IP (you can use and US phone number for verification.

a) There are many ways to have free US phone number. Don't use the same US phone number to verify multiple Google Voice (Google won't allow it). Better to generate a new US phone number and use it to verify Google Voice.

i) The most powerful VoxOx account, you can get a free US phone number and it allows you free forwarding/ring your Canadian phone number. ... users/2813

ii) Free US number from ComWave/ephone and use it on your smartphone

iii) Free US number from CallCentric and use its SIP settings for your VOIP

iv) More complicate way IPKall + SipGate or IpTel ... -us-how-to

You need to make sure you able to receive call from this US number for Google Voice verification later.

b) It is better to create a new US gmail account and use it only for your Google Voice account.

Run/Connect HotspotShield in order to have an US IP address
Goto and click the "Create an Account" button on the top right corner
Make sure you choose location United States on the gmail registration form

c) Goto using your gmail credentials on step b) if it asks

Google Voice will ask you to search/choose the US phone number you want and you have to enter the US forwarding phone you have on step a) for the verification process.

Now, you will have a permanent US phone number if you able to pass the Google Voice verification step.
You probably don't need the HotspotShield anymore, you can disconnect it and uninstall it later.

d) You will need to setup your Google Voice to forward call to Google Chat

In order to see the Google Chat on the Google Voice settings, you need to go to your gmail and make one phone call to any North America number you want. You might have to install the Google Talk plugin and restart the browser.

Now, you will be able to see and check/forward call to "Google Chat" in the settings panel ... ttings.png ... oGChat.png ... _Calls.png

2) Register your Google Voice account on "Simon Telephonics" server


Note: Google now is very strict about login to Google account at different location/IP (for example, your Canadian ISP and US simonics IP) and they might temporary not allow simonics to login to your Google Account and you won't be able to use your Google Voice.

You can avoid this by enable 2 step verification for your Google account and generate/use application-specific password for You better save this specific password because you will need this password if you want to delete your Google Voice registration (if you don't like it anymore). ... _authsub=1

From my testing, this Google SIP account also requires to register for receiving call, otherwise you won't be able to call.

If you need to use it with your main VOIP line and have PAP2T then you can register it as second SIP line. If you have SPA3000, SPA3102 then you won't have second SIP line, only Gateway feature for calling out. You can try to register your Google SIP account on and you can now use your Google SIP account as Gateway for your SPA3000, SPA3102.


or you can buy Obihai product which will do the similar thing, allow Google Voice call/receive using ATA

amazon-com-obi100-voip-telephone-adapte ... a-1233687/


If you have SPA3000, SPA3102 which has gateway feature and also have another main VOIP like, you can setup dial plan so it will automatically use Google Voice when you dial US number for example, 1XXXXXXXXXX (dial 1 and 10 numbers).

a) Setup account on Line 1 of SPA3102. By default, recommend the Linksys dial plan as


b) Setup account on Gateway 1 and modify the dial plan. For example,

1xxxxxxxxxx<:@gw1> - dial 1 and 10 numbers (US number) will use gateway 1 (Google Voice) to dial. Dial 10 numbers or any other number will use freephoneline VOIP.



If you understand how dial plan works, you can modify your dial plan as you wish ... 5a44.shtml

For example,

1900! - reject any paying call to 1900 number

1514xxxxxxx|1438xxxxxxx|1450xxxxxxx|1405xxxxxxx|1613xxxxxxx|1416xxxxxxx - use freephoneline even dial 1 and 10 numbers for certain area code we use to dial like Montreal, Laval area code (514, 438, 450, 405), Ottawa 613, Toronto 416.

714xxxxxxx<:@gw1> - use gw1 Google Voice to dial 10 numbers with 714 California area code so we don't have to dial extra 1 for 714 area code.




Note: Google might not allow third party (Simon Telephonics) to use Google Voice after May 15, 2014

obi-devices-obi100-obi200-cannot-work-g ... st17678475
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Gee wrote:
Oct 27th, 2012 5:59 am
Service doesn't work if you don't use a gmail domain.
Does this mean the above method in the OP will not work? TIA.
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alanbrenton wrote:
Nov 6th, 2012 6:48 am
Does this mean the above method in the OP will not work? TIA.
Depends on how you setup your google voice account. If you setup through gmail, no problem, if you set up with an email from another domain, ie. hotmail, it will not work
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Apr 20, 2012
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Is google voice working still? Had problem making outbound call from yesterday night. Anybody experienced the same thing?
Jan 17, 2013
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Hi there!
How are you guys!?
I know it's an old post, but I'm having problems configuring Google Voice with Simon Telephonics Server on my SPA3102.
I already have a incoming/outgoing account registered for Line, but I also would like to use GV for outgoing calls.

This is my Dial Plan: (911|1xxxxxxxxxx<:@gw1>|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|1xxxxxxxxxx|011xxxxxxxxxxxx.|98*|[6-7]x*xxxxxxxxxxx.)

And this is how set my SPA3102 up for "Gateway 1" with Simonics:

Gateway 1:
GW1 NAT Mapping Enable: no (I left "no" because this is how my "Line 1" is set up)
GW1 Auth ID: GV***********
GW1 Password: ************* (provided by Simonics)

I followed the tutorial on this page, but everytime I try to make a call I get the busy tone.

I would appreciate some help from you guys who have had success in using google voice with simonics.

Cheers! =)
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Jul 23, 2011
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Google Voice will no longer support XMPP based calling after May 14, 2014 so these hacks won't work after that.