Ski resort (@ Blue Mountain)

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Jul 18, 2004
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Ski resort (@ Blue Mountain)

I am planning to go on a ski trip @ blue mountain and may stay for a night
just want some advice on their resort..
should I buy a package (ski and stay package) or should i find some lodge at collingwood to stay (which maybe be cheaper?)
where can i find that kind of informaton...
cuz the blue mountain official website only has their own resort info..
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Nov 15, 2004
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Roughly the cost for one person staying a night is 40-50 bucks. These are chalet that are around Blue Mt and not right off the bottom of the base.

If u guys are new to boarding and want to master learning it, i would suggest just go for the beginner's package at blue mt.

Not including rentals, the beginner's packeg is 31 dollars (including tax) and last u from morning till 10 pm. The only catch is that you can only go on the beginner's hills. They ain't too bad to learn.

If you are going for the full day pass which allows u to go on any trails, i would suggest finding a lodge that include ski pass as well ( i think those would be cheaper).

As for rentals, there are few places outside of blue mt that offer cheaper or about the same rentals. Good note of those rentals are that you don't have ot line up at Blue mt. You can arrive on friday night, grab your gear from the outside rentals, check in, get your pass that night and head out the early morning.

Food wise, there is a lot of fast food and restaurants down at Collingwood. Kelsey's, Swiss Chalet, East side marios...but i would suggest you bring your own food so you don't have to spend too much time driving and more time hitting the slopes :) . Lastly, bring a lot of fruit bars. I found those to be the most useful when I board. I have 7-8 of those and everytime I wait on the ski lift, i would eat a few of those.

Lastly, if your lodge have hot tub, make sure you bring your bathing suits. So nice to go after a whole day of boarding.
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Aug 24, 2004
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Prolly the cheapest place you are going to find is the Sea and Ski motel.. or Milestone hotel beside the McDonalds in Collingwood... just a straight drive up the mountain from those locations.
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Sep 6, 2002
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If you are going to stay the night, stay in the village. Getting a cab in the evening is difficult (line ups) and drinking and driving (and speeding) is closely watched by the local cops.

I don't know who is spouting $40-$50 rooms, maybe some dump motel somewhere on highway 26.

Unless you have never snowboarded before, if you are going to dump the money on a hotel I say drive to Quebec or Vermont.

Blue Mt you spend more time in lines then going down. For beginners it's fine I guess, hopefully there is enough snow this year, Earl Bales is an excellent learning facility right in the city at Sheppard and Bathurst. It's bunny hill is good for learning and the steepness of their main slope is sufficiently challenging.
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Oct 6, 2007
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You see that these threads are from 2005 don't you? Applies for the other 3, too.