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Sleazy Best Buy and Future Shop price match policy

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  • Oct 25th, 2014 12:58 am
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Apr 19, 2010
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methyl wrote:
Nov 29th, 2012 5:38 pm
That's because Amazon doesn't list the end day of the sale. Their PM policy excludes time-limited sales, ie with end date.
BB/FS always try to deny me amazon PM citing "shipping costs" even when they say free shipping over $25. either that or they say its because they have a different return policy
Mar 28, 2008
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Well the even if they did price match. What is the possibility of contacting their competitor and that item is in stock and ready to be shipped on one day deal items? Unless you are there when they open the doors to make the price match, I'm sure if the deal was that good everywhere would be already sold out and FS would decline you.
Oct 24, 2014
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"Our Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply to advertising errors or misprints, Boxing Day prices, special educational prices, restricted offers, mail order offers, rebates, coupons, premiums, free or bonus offers, OEM products, limited or minimum quantity or limited time offers, close-outs, liquidations, clearances, and financing offers."

Let me start off by saying that I used to avidly check BB & FS weekly flyers and recommend items to friends who were in the market for a new Laptop, TV, etc. The pretty much came to a halt after my recent experience with their "Customer Service" and text book responses. I'll stick with Newegg, NCIX, CanadaComputers, & 2001AudioVideo from here on in.

I got shafted on the "limited or minimum quantity" clause recently and it pushed me to the point where I now refuse to shop at Best Buy or FutureShop. I was trying to purchase a 65 inch Samsung UN65H7150 (UN65H7150AFXZA) - what an amazing TV. BB & FS had the TV on Sale for $2599 CAD + No Tax as BB & FS had a Special Offer "We pay the tax on all Samsung 4K, Curved and 60” and larger TVs." (Regular Price is $2699 + Tax). I saw a few websites that had the TV on sale for $2300. I tried calling both BB & FS and got the run around usually ending with Sorry that Item is "limited or minimum quantity". One of the CSR's even went as far as to say that they couldn't approve it due to the difference and would need their managers approval, who conveniently wasn't in yet and oh Yeah they FAILED to call me back. Now I've worked with answering phones in a high volume environment for over 12 years so the last thing I wanted to do was s**t on the CSR. What ticked me off was their policy, and how they were unable to price match the $300 dollar difference that I had found on not ONE but TWO different sites, Electronicsforless & 2001AudioVideo. I know what you're thinking, hey dumb dumb, why didn't you order from there? Well A I didn't feel like paying 40-50 bucks for shipping and B there's a BB 50 feet from my home so if the TV has any issues or I need to replace it I felt it would be easier dealing with them. I did go as far as telling one of the CSR's that I thought the policy was pretty ridiculous because there is no indication of what qualifies as "limited or minimum quantity" on their website and according to their stock quantity online they had 50 still available for Toronto, I think 50 is a large enough quantity since people aren't buy $2300 dollar tv's like 32 gb USB flash drives. Their response was that on their end they can see the stock availability nationwide which is why they were unable to match the price. My response was it seemed like it was a convenient way to get out of price matching if the margins didn't meet their minimum threshold.

So the skinny - I bought the TV from one of the stores listed above, I won't say which one because I don't want everyone to think I'm just pumping their tires. I got it for $2,000 + Tax so pretty much what I would have paid if BB or FS had price matched. My favourite part of the WHOLE story is GUESS what TV went on a ONE DAY sale exactly 4 days later at BB. That's RIGHT the 65 inch Samsung UN65H7150 (UN65H7150AFXZA) and it was priced at... wait for it.... $2200 + the NO Tax special offer. Looks like I ended up spending $100 bucks more for 4 days of tv watching BUT I will admit they did have more in stock, they had 70 units for Ontario and it has slowly dwindled to 65 since the sale but has been stuck on 65 units for over 10 days. End of the day I'm happy as hell with the TV and I could care less about the extra $100 I spent because it was an enlightening experience and now I do my best to steer people away from the big-box technology stores.