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Mar 18, 2005
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I got a "smart" thermostat through a beta test program. I like the thing. Since my wife's schedule changes week to week, I don't have to worry about trying to set schedule. It just goes into away more when we both aren't home.

That being said, in not sure if pay $300 for that feature

edit: If you can wait for one to go on sale and are eligible for the $100 discount then I'd go for it for sure. You wont use it often but even if it's twice a year, it's nice being able to change your thermostat from your bed without having to get up.
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Nov 4, 2007
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I recently upgraded my furnace to a 2-stage unit and also upgraded my thermostat to a Honeywell 7- day programmable. http://www.honeywellstore.com/store/pro ... h7600d.htm Although not wifi enabled, doesn't have a mobile app and can not detect when I'm home, it's smart enough and flexible enough for me and only cost me $40 on kijiji. I don't need to keep fiddling with it through an app anyways. Just set it and forget it.