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[SnekTek Inc] 30% OFF Programmable Automation for Home and Business

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Oct 29, 2011
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30% OFF Programmable Automation for Home and Business

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30% off
December 30, 2017
SnekTek Inc
Hey, so we (my co-founder and I) are a local Canadian startup company, selling equipment enabling what we call "Micro Automation" projects.

Applications include bespoke Home Automation, Education, IoT and more.
Best of all, our product is fully programmable in Python (it's not difficult) and wireless.

There is no monthly subscription cost, doesn't require a cloud connection and there is no app.

We just launched exclusively on our website and would love some RFD'ers to come check us out.

We have a YouTube channel too, with some example applications.

The coupon is 30% off all products, free shipping in Canada + US and no HST.

Coupon: redflag

expires Dec 30

Designed and made in Canada