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Snowbirds with property in the U.S. could be able stay there an extra two months a year, on top of the 180 days allowed

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  • Mar 20th, 2017 11:37 am
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Jun 24, 2011
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dlhunter wrote:
Mar 19th, 2017 10:50 pm
To keep OHIP, myst live in ontario for 5 months.
To avoid paying US taxes, spend no more than 4 months

I would ditch OHIP and buy health coverage to avoid paying taxes in US or Canada altogether. Just spend extra 4 months in Europe/Caribbean and you are good.
That's not very smart if you have a principal home in Canada. You will lose PRE for any years you're not a tax resident. It could lead to tens of thousands of dollars become taxable when you sell or when you die.