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Soft Grip Cover for Gate Picket -- Any Makeshift Recommendations?

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  • Dec 25th, 2018 12:29 pm
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Apr 29, 2010
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Soft Grip Cover for Gate Picket -- Any Makeshift Recommendations?

I've installed a custom iron double gate with a powder coat finish. There are no handles for pushing / pulling the gate open/closed due to its custom design. I would like to add a soft handle grip overtop one of the vertical pickets + add a small label for noobs. This all will serve as a specific region for everyone to grab to push / pull the active gate.

What would you recommend as a comfortable grip cover overtop a 5/8" square / cubed picket? The cover would need to be length: 5" to 8", outside diameter: 3/4" or less (i'm flexible with this). inside diameter: 5/8" (or perhaps 1/2" for a tighter fit?). The grip cover would be used outdoors through all weather conditions including Winter cold so I would prefer not to use any adhesives, especially to not damage the paint, but still would like the grip cover to fit snug to prevent any movement during use. Ideally the cover would be dark grey in colour.

For the record i am unable to slide any closed-loop cylindrical objects down the picket -- there is no exposed top or bottom of the picket. Whatever the solution it will have to unfold (or be cut open) and then collapse around / tightly-embrace the existing picket. I will only be covering one picket. So far i'm thinking some bicycle handle bar foam but the ID, OD, and colouring have been issues.

Thanks for any pointers.