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Solar Panels for Garden Lighting

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Mar 13, 2012
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Solar Panels for Garden Lighting

I've got these solar lights from Amazon, but they come with some tiny solar panels that don't really charge without direct sunlight. Anyone know of anywhere online that I can get some larger ones? I've looked at amazon and all they've got is the exact same ones that I've already got.
Specifically I think the one in this listing should work like a charm, but I can't seem to find any specs on it at all.
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Jun 26, 2005
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For a few months, I was all into these solar lamps and bought tons of the in ground lamps for my backyard.

But I've come to the conclusion that, non solar is much better

- these few weeks in Toronto , it's been rainy, cloudy and not much direct sun, so at night, the lamps barely light up
- the electrical cost of turning them on is sooooo tiny, but the brightness is much much more than solar powered ones
- solar powered lamps are not that cheap either

Eventually, I'm gonna install a series of landscape lights to light up the trees and shrubs in the backyard and it will be non solar, plugged into the electrical outlet in the backyard.
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Feb 11, 2009
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I have the same problem with my solar path lights that I got from Costco. They were OK in the summer but starting in the fall, they only got charged up to last only an hour or 2....
We will look into doing outdoor wiring to have proper path and landscaping lights.