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Ok, so I have some good news...

Alex from BBMC phoned me today. He said my posts here imply that he told Pittasoft to void our warranty, and he is not happy about that at all. He says that he had absolutely nothing to do with Pittasoft voiding the warranty on the cams that were purchased through my Group Buy.

As a sign of good faith, Alex said that he called his contact at Pittasoft and asked her to approve the warranty on my cams. He says that she agreed to do this, and is waiting for an email from me. I sent that email this evening.

As soon as I hear back from Pittasoft, I will post here.

I'm still upset with BBMC for the fact that I was cancelled as an authorized Blackvue dealer due to Alex's complaint, but if his help is able to get the warranty approved on my cams for the last month of coverage, then I will respect him a lot more than before.

Stay tuned...
If Alex can nuke your dealer status for doing what he is essentially continuing to do (sell to clubs, discounted group buys) *and* if he can magically restore your GB warranty status, maybe he really did have something to do with that in the first place. In the end, they are now an overpriced product - both FineVue and Blackvue - and besides, his YT videos are really annoying!