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[solved] Bell's Sagemcom f@st 2864 dsl modem/router is sufficient 4 my needs

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  • Jan 29th, 2013 3:33 pm
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[solved] Bell's Sagemcom f@st 2864 dsl modem/router is sufficient 4 my needs

If Bell's modem (came with Fibe 25/10 subscription), which includes Wireless N that seems to max out at 20 Mbps on speedtest for one client (haven't tried to test on more machines simultaneously), is working fine in the basement, is there a need for me to re-instate my Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH router (as an access point in the family room/ground floor)? I only ask because I had to remove the access point temporarily as I had to reset my password on Bell's modem and soon after, couldn't access the access point. I realized, too late last night, that the cause of that could have been a result of a loose CAT5 connection on the gigabit switch downstairs (that rendered the cat5 jack in the family room without internet connectivity) which I had plugged back in just before heading to bed.

I understand the value proposition of a 150/300 Mbps or even gigabit wireless routers where there are a lot of media streaming from servers to clients all the time. In my case where home network streaming happens mostly between our HTPC's and file server which are hooked up via a gigabit switch, does it even make sense to re-use my Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH Wireless Router running DD-WRT?

Am I correct to think that because household members rarely wireless streaming contents off a media server, then I should do okay with the Bell sagemcom f@st 2864 dsl modem / router? The firmware is very limited compared to my Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH Wireless Router running DD-WRT though I don't even bother with running/playing with a lot of features like QOS, MAC filtering, DynDNS, etc.

Should I re-instate the Buffalo as an access point? I'm sure wireless speed is faster using this Buffalo router since before yesterday, I was maxing out the internet speed on wireless N.

As a side question, 150 Mbps/gigabit router should be mighty fine for one or two simultaneous HD streaming, correct? I was able to purchase two of those WRT310N and might hand them over to two uncles after flashing DD-WRT on them. They're both with Bell and I can imagine that the router they have installed is even worst than the Bell sagemcom f@st 2864 I am currently using. They got their dsl modem/wireless router a few years ago.

EDIT: Turns out that relying solely on Bell's modem wasn't a good idea. Wireless clients were getting very slow speed -- 2-4 Mbps, likely because the modem is in the basement and clients connected to the gigabit internet were also experiencing huge slow downs.

Went back to Bell modem -> router -> switch -> access point (wireless N router) & other clients