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[SOLVED] - Shopping from Canada

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Jun 4, 2007
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[SOLVED] - Shopping from Canada


I've been trying to purchase a dish set on (the item is online-only), and I can't seem to get the transaction to go through...the Customer Service Manager eventually told me that she "thinks" that they cannot process Canadian-issued credit cards. Is this true?

I have done the following (please let me know if I missed/screwed up a step)
  • Set up Kinek account
  • Called bank and had billing address changed to Kinek location
  • Set up account
  • Entered transaction info, matching address with my temporary US address
This kept giving me an error message, and I called their customer service number. The first day they said I tried too many times and my card blocked from making a transaction on their website for 24hrs. I tried once the next day and got the same "your credit card could not be processed" message. I then called their customer service team again and they confirmed my card was not blocked, but they were unable to complete the transaction.

I confirmed with my bank numerous times that the address was correct. The strangest thing to me is that the bank said they saw the attempted transactions on their end, the bank would approve the transaction, but then Kohls would reverse the order (?).

The only option the CSM gave me was to drive to the states, purchase a gift card, go online and order it, then drive back to the states to pick it up > :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is the most difficulty I've had in a while in trying to give a retailer my money, haha

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Jun 4, 2007
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Just thought I've give an update for anyone interested in shopping on

The only options that ended up being available to Canadian shoppers were as follows:
- Apply for credit card and pay online (and to pay off the credit card you'd need to send a cheque or money order to their office in the states)
- Purchase a gift card while in the US and pay online

In the end, we found the dish set on another site - Macy's - and they now ship to Canada. We've had a pretty good customer experience with Macy's in case anyone is looking to shop with them.

Happy Customer Story:
A few of our dishes arrived broken and I told them I was unwilling to pack up everything in its original packaging and send back to Macy's for them to ship out a replacement set (who's to say the new set wouldn't arrive broken and we'd be in a perpetual return cycle). I asked for just replacements of the broken items (4 in total) and they shipped us an entire new set for our troubles!
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