Some advice regarding grad school

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Mar 15, 2017
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Some advice regarding grad school

I am a second year computer engineering student at UBC and my overall gpa right now is 70.7, and despite working really hard, i just am not doing well. I felt like the main reason is I get stressed out in exams and make silly mistakes. And seems like if our answer for a question is not correct, we get 25-50% marks off.

Right now I am scared to hell that I might not get into a grad school. So i was actually having some plans and questions

specifically for mcgill, uwaterloo, utoronto, sfu or bcit.

1. Will an ubc overall average/cumulative average of 72-75 be good enough for ece grad school?
2. Will volunteering in research labs in my third/fourth year at UBC help me ?
3. Will job experience help me?(I am planning to do some job first and then apply for grad school)
4.Is there any other kind of advice you would like to give? i will be more than happy to hear

Thanks in advance.
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You are just in your second year, lots of students mess up during their first two years. Fortunately graduate schools in Canada are more reasonable with admissions as compared to Med schools. Most universities in Canada look at your last 2 years of GPA (4th year even more heavily), so you still have time to rectify what you are doing wrong, make sure you do reasonably well in your upper year courses. Secondly, one of the biggest factors in graduate admissions is undergraduate research, so get involved with some research, if you can get some professors to vouch for you then you are golden. Most schools require at least two academic references and research with faculty helps tremendously in this respect.