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Some old or aged threads don't always need to be locked

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  • Jan 23rd, 2019 9:09 am
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Some old or aged threads don't always need to be locked

Some old threads that seem to be not 'current time/situation' specific do not need to be locked as the content info within the thread is still relevant.

ie: this thread ... t-1831943/

Now the last poster may make another new thread about the same topic and everything may get repeated again.

The last poster had a question that needed answering so he did the right thing by performing a search first.
He found a thread that was relevant to his question and made a post about the subject/content.
Because of its age a mod locked it and now the last posters question won't get answered unless he creates a whole new thread.
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per se lots of topic with outdated info and no formal/proper update from the original OP (who no longer accessed acct for years) stay alive and new threads for updated contents consistently being added into the chunky list. Moderators mostly won't even look into this, administrator I've contacted did not take action.

The thread in my signature was one of those examples. I'd be laughing-mao if they decide to disallow this comment
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Though there's no RFD forum rule against Necro threads, it can be seen as trolling. It's usually not deliberate trolling (not I'll intended, etc.), so thread lock is sufficient.

+1 to what @dekvitaly said. If OP's question is answered, is no longer active on their thread, or if info is outdated, etc. it's easier to lock thread and move on.
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This comes up a lot because of Google searches turning up old threads for new users. Generally speaking its a judgment call after 12 months. I approved the poster's question because in general, I agree with you Mike that some old threads are still useful but he kept bumping the thread repeatedly (you can't see the duplicate posts deleted), I'm not sure if he was confused or not but I decided to simply lock it before more reports came in. I also sent the poster a PM about it with info and directed him to other resources.

There are several old threads that get reported which we allow to continue because they are still useful, we don't just lock everything due to age. It's a case by case thing and sometimes there are other factors that you might not be aware of.