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Sonicare toothbrushes - differences among models?

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  • Aug 3rd, 2017 8:48 pm
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Mar 6, 2003
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Sonicare toothbrushes - differences among models?

So I picked up a new Diamond Clean toothbrush. We have a 3 series brush and wanted a second handle for the other bathroom. I thought they were all basically the same (31000 oscillations per minute) except for the different cleaning modes. The 3 series handle is about 3 weeks old. I thought it felt a bit "weak" out of the box compare to the Flexcare which just died a month ago

I tried the default "Clean" mode on the DiamondClean toothbrush and it "feels" different. I thought I was imagining things, but I look at the brush and it seems to actually oscillate in a wider arc. I thought I would try to take a picture.


3 Series brush handle - Power "3". Easy Start off. Adaptive Clean Head. Fully Charged


DiamondClean handle - Mode "clean". Easy Start off. Same Adaptive Clean head. Fully Charged

Exposure time: 1/2 second

I quickly took these pictures so I can't guarantee they are EXACTLY the same distance but I could clearly see with my eyes that the DiamondClean handle seems to swing the bristles really wide compared to the 3 series. Is my 3 series defective? because it clearly doesn't feel as strong when I brush with it. Maybe there IS a reason to spend more?

I thought I would throw this out there because people in reviews keep saying you should just get the cheapest handle, they all clean the same. Maybe not?
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Aug 4, 2007
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Excellent question.
I'm a dentist and I'm afraid that I can't answer your question.
I use the diamond clean==always on the lowest setting.
You could call Phillips and ask them!!!