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Sony A7R III ate my sd cards

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  • Jan 7th, 2018 4:36 pm
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May 6, 2007
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Sony A7R III ate my sd cards

TL;DR My new sony A7RIII broke 3 of my SD cards and in turn my Canon 6D.... but I can't prove it. What do I do next?

I'm in the process of upgrading from a Canon 6D to a Sony A7R III. I picked up the camera last week and have been playing with it since. One thing I noticed was that two of my SD cards didn't seem to work in the A7R III. I thought maybe they weren't formatted correctly so I just swapped to a new card and kept going. Last night I decided to look into it and it's not good. I first tried formatting the cards in my computer and they were OK, but nothing in the A7R III. Then I thought I might as well try them in the 6D again (they were working there a few weeks ago so might as well try again). When I put the card in it went in... funny... and didn't want to come out. That's when I looked at the other card and noticed that the corner of the SD card was broken off! I gently tried getting the SD card out of the 6D but it was too late the damage was done. Sure enough, the card I had put into my 6D had almost identical damage. Also, when I tried putting any further cards into my 6D there's a distinctive scraping/grinding feeling and when you eject the card it doesn't pop out nearly as far as it should and yet again more scraping and griding. Fortunalt the camera sees and reads the cards OK (for now at least) but mecanically something is wrong. Looking at the 6D's SD card slot I can't see any plastic fragments inside but I think the thing that checks the cards lock switch is either bent or broken and that's what's scraping. I went back to the A7R III and looked in it's SD card slot and sure enough, there was a piece of plastic in there. After some blowing and shaking upside down I was able to get it out and matched it to one of the broken SD cards. I also went back and check my other SD cards and fond another that was slightly damaged but apparently not enough that it would stop working.

This morning I called the camera store I bought the A7R III from and talked to them. The asked me to come in and let them have a look at both the Canon and Sony, but what they were implying on the phone was that because I couldn't prove that the Sony caused the problem (i.e. that the cards weren't at least partially or completely damaged by the 6D before inserting them into the Sony) they wouldn't be responsible for anything.

Does any one have any suggest where to go from here? Right now I'm out 3 32GB sd cards (2 Sandisk Extreme Plus and one Lexar) which is (worth ~$120) and one Canon 6D which though is cuttenly functional, I dont know how long it will last and has virtually lost all of it's resale value (worth $800-$1000). Aswell I now have an A7R III I'm affraid to put any more of my SD cards in for fear I lose them too.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I really feel like sony or the camera store should help me out, but I have a feeling I might just be screwed.
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Feb 16, 2006
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IMHO..... your story is very very very strange. Never heard of this before. Doesn't pass my sniff test.

You can prove it.....

Go buy a couple of cheap SD cards, smallest GB size you can find, preferably the same brand as you currently use to try and keep the SD case thickness & material similar, keep them unopened in their original packaging and use them to perform the insertion/extraction cycle in front of the rep. Do not open them until your rep is eyes on watching you do this. Let him handle and examine the packaging before you open it to prove your point that these are new and unopened. If they break in front of them they may buy into your story.

Of course, test this at home before going to the store with a card you have bought.

Yes, you will be out of pocket for the demo cards but keep the receipt and I would think they will reimburse you.

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May 5, 2010
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I have never heard any stories like this neither...
I have the Sony QX100 that uses MicroSD & Memory stick micro cards and I'm really careful while putting cards in any of my cameras, but this one has no mechanism that blocks the card if the card is inserted with the wrong side. It is not even slightly harder to push. I inserted it wrong only once and luckily for me, it didn't damage anything when I inserted the MicroSD.

Is it possible that you have forced it a little? Since Sony's cameras are designed to be used with SD and Memory stick, both fitting on the same slot, but not the same place (one is inserted in the left of the slot, the other: right), it can be easy to be forced. On my QX100, when it was inserted wrong, I couldn't save or read pictures (duh) and that's what you have being saying with your A7RIII.

I'm not trying to put the blame on you, but trust me that the first thing the camera store' staff will ask is this. So you can prepare all the proof that you didn't made this error and it was the camera's fault.
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Sep 26, 2007
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you're lucky you bought this in a store, not online
good luck...the camera store will probably do their best to help you out if it really is defective
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get a brand new card and insert that to the sony ONLY and never to the canon to isolate the problem.