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South common mall wal-mart

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  • Apr 15th, 2010 6:56 pm
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Jun 12, 2006
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South common mall wal-mart

If any of you live nearby South Common Mall in mississauga, you may have noticed some changes which allowed them to rename this walmart a supercenter.

Now i have been to WM supercenters, and even live nearby one, but how this qualifies beats me. Sure they added a grocery section...but its tiny!! They can hardly expand unless they simply take over half of SC Mall( Not a bad idea as SC "mall" is a disgrace to the term mall and needs to be torn down....since when did No frills, walmart, a food court and a dollar store constitute a mall???)

Worst of all, this place is a constant mess, smells terrible and always crowded.

I am going to say this is the worst WM Supercenter in GTA. Anyone suggest a worse one?
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Apr 14, 2010
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Pfft, they didn't add a grocery section, they added *some* fresh produce. The 'Supercentre' thing is probably just advertising. I don't blame them though. The South Common area unfortunately has a lot of low-income and not-for-profit housing that the city snuck in there recently. My little brother isn't allowed to play outside after dark (something I did as a kid all the time) and everyone has to double check their locks - groups of teens and young adults wander the street at night checking locks on car doors to the point where they have had to try and park cops at the end of the cul-de-sacs. My mom had her bike stolen by a bunch of preteens in the middle of the day. This area is a mess and we need to move the ghetto out of the suburb before this peaceful neighborhood turns into another Etobicoke.

So yeah I can see it only being open til 10, not having a bakery/deli/premade food section etc. etc.. The inside gets trashed every day. I watched this one woman with three screaming kids opening several boxes of cereal to check the contents. Uh, hello, we don't do that here. Actually, I don't think decent people do that anywhere. Not to mention that during the year all the highschool students are coming through throughout the day. My family avoids that place like the frigging plague.

The mall had a lot of potential before they let it get this bad. The difference between the stores along Dundas and the stores near South Common is astounding, but don't blame the people who work in the stores, or even the stores themselves. Their job is hard enough!

Hope this sheds some light.