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Spilled coffee on Acer Aspire laptop -- ideas?

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  • Aug 2nd, 2005 10:16 pm
Sep 2, 2004
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Spilled coffee on Acer Aspire laptop -- ideas?

Hey RFDers,

I got a call from my girlfriend's roommate today -- she spilled coffee on the keyboard of an Acer Aspire 1300. It worked for a couple of minutes as she started to clean up the mess, but when she picked up the laptop, it turned off. Hopefully it's because she tripped the power cord and it didn't just short out.

Not knowing to power-down, she tried to power on the laptop. The indicator lights all came on and there was a whirring noise (either the fan or the hard drive, not sure), but no start up. That's when she called me and I told her to unplug everything.

So, she unplugged everything, cleaned up what she could find on the keyboard, took the battery out (no liquid in there) and used a hair dryer to try and get rid of some of the moisture. The CD drive was open a bit, so there's a chance something got in there.

No repair shops in town are open (it being a Sunday, and tomorrow being a holiday). I'm looking for advice to give them: is there anything else that can be done for now? The Acer laptops don't have easily removable keyboards (so no cleaning under there), but the keyboard looks pretty well-fit (meaning that maybe the coffee didn't get down there).

I suggested they leave it until tomorrow afternoon, and try powering it up again then. Is there anything else that can be done in the meantime? Should they wait and just take it to a repair shop?

Please help!

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Jun 20, 2005
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Um sadly this happened to one of my friends (also a girl) where they spilt coffee on their laptop. Sadly she reacted the same way and didn't turn it off right away. To make a long story short she ended up frying the mother board. So hopefully she has some good warranty coverage with this laptop. Otherwise you two might be going on a shopping trip tomorrow. I say you have a 25% chance of it working. > :(

The only thing you really can do is rip it apart and drying everything up. Remember to use an electro static braclet. Good Luck with it. > :( > :(
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Jan 23, 2002
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Although I hesitate to type this because you cold do even more damage, if you can open the thing up and wash down the coffee stained parts with _distilled_ water and let it all dry then maybe, maybe, maybe it'll work again. However, by the sounds of it, since it was not turned off immediately and it shut itself off, my guess is it is dead. If there is any accidental coverage/insurance at all then I would use it (or pull the hard disk, remove all data, and repeated keep turning it on, and then use it :) )
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Nov 30, 2003
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The system sounds like it got shorted out, since she left it running with coffee all over the place. :(
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Sep 2, 2004
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** update **

They tried it today and it started fine
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Dec 19, 2003
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id still be careful

take the keyboard out and let it dry for a while
2 days id say
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Apr 16, 2004
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In my old Sony Laptop (P2 266mhz) I spilt a XL Hot chocolate from tim hortons on it by accident. I Quickly flipped it over onto my white carpet, and the coffee started to drip from it. I waited about 15 min till it all drained out, I then (foolishly) tried to turn it on and nothing worked. I took the keyboard, DVD, and battery out and washed the whole computer and those componets in the sink, yes the whole exposed computer under a stream of water. I let the computer dry for about 3 days, and it suprisingly turned back on without any issue, infact I used that computer for another 4 years untill it got stolen. Every once in awhile, when it got really hot from alot of use, I would smell a faint chocolatly aroma. Thats it! I think these are built tougher then one might think, I was ready to buy an new sony (mainly because of its durability) but ended up getting a brand new acer ferrari 4005, hopefully if such a dumb move happens again, it will be as durable as my old sony :)