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Starting a business registration

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  • Aug 25th, 2014 8:34 pm
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Apr 21, 2010
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Starting a business registration

So I am trying to register a new small business and I am going to be a sole proprietor . What does each field here means and how essential is it? I probably do not want to subscribe to something I don't need.
It's a homemade business just FYI.
http://www.bdc-canada.com/BDC/Corporate ... ion_ON.htm
https://www.bdccanada1.com/bdc_order/in ... ckageId=64
-GST/HST account registration
Is this necessary? It seems so. I want to sell on Amazon so tax registration would seem appropriate but if I could do without it then I don't want it.

-Import - Export account registration
seems like a no brainer if I am on Amazon and selling internationally

- Payroll accoount registration
seems unnecessary if I don't have people working with me for now at least

-WSIB registration
another option for workers which I don't have right now.

for now I am leaning toward the registering just for export-import but I also may GST/HST account and that one I am really stumbled upon. I really can't waist any money right now.
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Aug 9, 2014
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There is no requirement to register unless you have sales revenue of more than $30,000 per year. If you register your business, you will have to charge your customers GST/PST. If you don't register your business, there won't be the headache of charging and filing for GST/ PST. Hope this helps!