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Stay away from Canadian Appliance Source

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Jun 1, 2016
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alexstoev wrote:
Jan 26th, 2011 10:10 am
Stay away from Canadian Appliance Source
Bottom line, stay away from Canadian Appliance Source. If they have a good price, just print their price and go to Sears. Sears will match it plus their service is much better.
I agree! Here's my experience.

3 delivery attempts, still not done. Delivery attempts, March, May, June... I'm glad I have the luxury to live at my parents.

1. The $ saved was not enough to account for the stress and process.
2. Customer has no chance to explain or voice their concerns.
3. Too much resistance… all remembered was: “no, I can’t, I have to go”
4. I wonder if my neighbours were having their appliance helicoptered in?
5. Are all delivery jobs smooth and easy? There are units of similar design all around the area.
6. I tried my best in complying, accommodating all requested with the consideration of safety from 1st and 2 attempt - arranged with builders by removing blockage, leveled the dirt ground, waited for it to dry, got ply wood. I even mentioned the concerns from 1st & 2nd attempt while booking for the 3rd delivery. Why was a third helper not arranged in advance?
7. I do appreciate the first delivery guy for trying, explaining and most importantly, hearing out on a customer’s concern.

Suggestion: Not here to get anyone out of a job. I believe improvement to communications is needed to reduce delivery attempts and stress for all parties. A web page where customers can upload pictures and other helpful information?

Last 2 delivery attempt, left me a stressed and many more issues to follow up. I ordered 5 essential pieces for the new home - order was $4700 + $75 each delivery.

I will never recommend or purchase from CAS again. The savings against competitors was not worth it. My house, the garage is more accessible compared to the front entrance. Kitchen at second floor and laundry at 3rd. It is a lot of stairs and I was ready to tip heavily when the job is done. To be fair, I mentioned it to the sales rep about the flight of stairs at purchase and will compensate the movers for their effort. Currently a $1800 fridge is in the garage where the lock does not lock. Washer still not connected because they do not have a hammer to remove drainage cap, the stove is not leveled (Sears could do it, CAS can’t)… and I refuse to look at my expensive upgraded stairs.

Left with a lot of stress during the process 3-4 months to get the job half done. The worst, head delivery guy on the phone would not allow me a chance to speak and all I hear is his complains and arrange for a 4th attempt, even after I had tried so hard in accommodate their requests.. I had to raise my voice to stop him so I can speak for 10 seconds.

2nd attempt mentioned about their safety. Totally respect that, sent the order back. Arranged with the builder to accommodate all the requests against 1st and 2nd attempt, celebrated with wine, coffee and many thanks. 3rd attempt, same delivery guy still resisted. Made my dad wait outside for 30 minutes while in his truck complaining on the phone. Thus the call from the delivery rep offering yet another attempt and had the nerve to say they are in a hurry. When delivery guy spent 30mins complaining. Finally movers agreed to move 4 pieces except the fridge into the house using the back door (where the stairs and walls will be scratched) instead of utilizing the front door where they had strongly suggested, and I had gone through a ton of effort in arranging. Am I missing red carpet, cheerleaders, and a pool bar? He had the nerve to say how the builders does not love me enough for not lending me a dozer. If a dozer can fly, I want one of those.

Ps. Delivery head rep. “My dad”, not “some guy who does not speak English” what does not knowing English have anything to do with delivering appliances? :mad: There are a lot of non English speaking residence in my area who owns and has appliances delivered. I have a mobile, email, text, any means of communications - I speak fluent English. If you would have listened you would have caught what I said - “I am on site right now, let me speak to the delivery guy to understand what is going on”. I want to know what is going on after going the whole 9 yards in arranging for a smooth delivery for CAS movers. “Help me out here”
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May 2, 2004
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Ottomaddox wrote:
Nov 11th, 2015 6:52 pm
Appliances aren't like groceries. People buy them so rarely that enough advertising will attract a steady supply of marks customers that don't do any research before buying. How many times have we seen someone come here _after_ a bad experience?
Absolutely agree with this post !
People should do their homework before the purchase, NOT after the purchase !
The internet makes it just so easy to price compare and whether or not price protection is a feature !
Now , if the buyer used a credit card that had purchase price protection feature, like the Aspire World Elite MC,
simple enough to initiate a claim for the difference !
Jan 6, 2010
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Last year I bought a GE slide in stove from CAS. I didn't have any problems.
I did a lot of research before buying and the main thing I learned was delivery is terrible. 99%of the complaints have to do with delivery. Either it's the time frame they give Or the multiple attempts or later on they tell you it's out of stock.
If your going to buy from CAS you need to have someone home during work hours or you need to have flexible work hours to be able to receiver your order.
Regular price for the stove was $3500 at all retail stores, CAS price $1400, tried price matching with everyone but they all laugh and said jokes like oh good luck with CAS they are going to rip you off.

But I decided to bite the bullet and buy anyways. Paid I think 80 dollars for delivery. They scheduled like a random Wednesday from like 2-4pm. Showed up at I believe 230pm. Delivery guys even told me to inspect and open the box if I wanted before signing anything. It's really just a hit or miss.
Nov 24, 2011
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Not just the owner but a class A scumbag.
This low life is what's wrong with the appliance industry, all about price, commissioned sales, lies and kick-backs. Manufacturers should be more discriminating as to whom they sell. Companies like this tarnish the entire appliance business and owners like Ari Klein should have their retail licenses revoked. A disgusting individual to say the least who treats his customers and employees like cattle. Do not shop there.
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Jun 12, 2008
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I posted this in a Jan 2016 thread concerning Canadian Appliance Source & still have no complaints. We had a service issue that required a repairman & that went very well.

We had no problems buying a new fridge in August 2015.

We skipped the online purchase & went to the store at the Heartland Centre. The process was painless...we paid about $50 less in store than the online price.

Delivery was seamless. The main delivery guy doing the lion's share of the work was very animated & engaging and left us with positive impression of CAS.
Jul 18, 2004
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We just replaced all kitchen appliances at a cost of around $10,000 and saved big compared to anywhere else. It seemed too good to be true, but we were on our way to a Jays game and decided to stop in at their Toronto location. We bought all our appliances before we left. Delivery was very cheap and the process was smooth. I was nervous throughout the process with some of the negative reviews I read, but our sales person (Adib Narang) assured me there was nothing to worry about. He made sure to tell me to open all appliances before signing to accept delivery, which I did. Everything was delivered fine. I will definitely recommend them to anyone that asks, and will not hesitate to use them in the future.
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Nov 21, 2009
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I love how they mass planted signs across the GTA
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May 23, 2009
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When I was shopping for four items last september, Lowes and Sears refused to price match CAS online price. Home depot attempted but could not special order the gas dryer that I wanted from the manufacturer(Electrolux). I ended up going to the CAS Heartland store and they knocked ~$50 off each item compared to their online price. I paid for extended warranty and asked for a refund the next day...I got my money back without a fight. There were delays to my order but I was prepared going in since it was a special order everywhere.
The delivery crew were professional...they called 30 mins before arrival, put the appliance where I wanted and waited while I inspected it.

There are a few more reviews for them in the thread linked below.
Mar 24, 2017
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My Daughter went to the( Stoney Creek location) to buy their 1st Washer & Dryer set a Electrolux Front load and matching Gas Dryer, In Feb. 2017 the price was OK, sales person was OK... Two weeks for delivery .. two weeks went by, and heard nothing from these people. She called to see whats up, and was told they are having problems getting it...and gave her a chance to get her money all back, or to re-order a new one and again wait ? or it should be in middle of April? Why didn't they call her with-in the first week to tell her they have a problem, than wait for the buyer to call to ask why its not here yet... She has No Working Washer and Dryer in her home and using laundry- mat , now 2 months to wait for something that was told that it would be in within 2 weeks... Hope everything will be OK with them when they come in.. (She is going to wait), trying to be nice is hard, to people that don't give a crap
Do Not Order from this place if you are in need of something soon. They do not care about YOU..
My daughter was asked to give them a review... she told them her feelings, IT WAS NEVER POSTED ON THEIR HOME PAGE. only the good reviews was on home page, Canadian Appliance Source
Some advise to this business : Get your act together before you will be see alot more of these POST about your company all over the Web for BAD Reviews
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Aug 15, 2015
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As posted above it might be hit and miss. I got a great price from them and also good service as far as delivery goes bcs repairs are covered by a warranty company and have nothing to do with CAS.
I have bought appliances from different companies and never had any issues , well only with THE shitBrick delivery but it wasn't an appliance.
Apr 1, 2017
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I bought a GE Cafe CDT865SSJSS dishwasher fromm CAS online. Delivery was a week late. When it arrived I checked carefully before signing but on installing found that it leaked. As it has a leak detector it would stop after a few minutes and beap. Called Customer Support in Montreal and as soon as the call went through the line would drop. Called Mississauga and they transfered me to Montreal and this time they answered. I was told to contact GE and have them inspect the machine. A repairman came after half a week and identified a leaking elbow. He said he would need to order one and left. The machine was nicely installed before he arrived. He left it pulled out with insulation hanging all over and after a few days I realized he had loosened the supply line and didn't tighten it again... more water all over the floor. We haven't heard from anyone since he left. It been a month since ordering and we are still in the dark.
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May 9, 2017
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Everything is great when you are making the purchase but if you face any issues after the delivery you are on your own( Even if u purchased 5 years of extended warranty!!).
They are not responsive, give you many conflicting directions that no one in the company will be accountable for and come up with made up policies to justify why they are not helping you!
3 of my 5 appliances were found to be damaged when we opened the boxes for installation 5 days later and they refused to exchange them as it was outside the 48 hr ( made up policy)after delivery, which they do not communicate to you at the time of purchase or delivery.
I have copied of all my correspondents for your reference. Contact me if you need more info
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May 6, 2005
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Wish I did my homework...bought a washer and dryer for my parents from them.
Bought on May 10th and today is the 25th, still not delivered. 25% restocking fee to cancel, even on undelivered merchandise.

Edit Update...Being delivered on fricking Monday May 29th...garbage!
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Jul 29, 2005
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huskylord wrote:
May 25th, 2017 9:35 am
Wish I did my homework...bought a washer and dryer for my parents from them.
Bought on May 10th and today is the 25th, still not delivered. 25% restocking fee to cancel, even on undelivered merchandise.

Edit Update...Being delivered on fricking Monday May 29th...garbage!
This was the experience I had when I purchased a washer and dryer a few years ago. If it's an LG , it will take about 8 weeks for delivery. The sales people won't tell you that... Really poor customer service.
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Feb 13, 2014
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CAS advertises great prices. I was able to get Sears to beat their price on a dishwasher and it saved me a lot of money. I'd never buy from them, though.