Stay or go back?

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May 11, 2009
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Stay or go back?

I can't make up my mind about my job. I still have a few days to decide if I wish to return to my former position, or stay in training within my new/current role. It's been a rollercoaster ride of me waffling between my choices and I'm nowhere closer to a resolution.

My old position was an afternoon shift, pretty consistent same start time every day, happy people (except for one person), good pay, overtime almost every day though there would be the odd time I'd be sent home early due to seniority. I was good at my job, to the point where it got really boring, but all in all it was easy and great money-wise though there was one person that I filed a harassment complaint against and she was briefly suspended, we don't talk anymore but the lack of communication makes very little impact on my job performance.

My new role is on day shift, varied start times, sometimes I'll be on afternoons, pays a little more with possible overtime, and involves learning almost every job and filling in as needed or being on standby doing busywork when not needed. The jobs themselves are not hard, actually quite straightforward, however some of the people are very difficult to work with and there is one that is a particular S***disturber and is already complaining to management about every little minor thing I'm doing wrong, while people also have a bit to say about her and there is just overall much more drama. Thankfully I won't be doing the same job every day, but the result is I'll have to work closely with more people and some of them will be very unpleasant and make my job much harder. The new position also affords more opportunities for getting noticed/promoted, many of the former employees who've held the position have hated it but those who have held on have been awarded management positions here and within the company.

I also don't plan on staying here forever, besides the challenge it would allow me to show other employers initiative and that I'm capable of handling more responsibility (assuming I don't burn out from stress), otherwise my current position is just easy money but technically a dead end. It's a tough choice, I want to learn new skills and increase my marketability but at the same time I'm longing for the relative peace and stability of my old role. Some of my co-workers and bosses have mentioned that they're happy to see me in the new position since it's hard to find good people to fill it, but at the same time I can't help but think they want to see how much I can handle and get more value out of me.
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What's your long-term goal? I would use that to determine how I would proceed.

If you don't plan to stay there long, if you stay at the dead end position, how do you plan to leave? Do you have the skills required to apply and get a job at a different company?

If you keep the new, somewhat unstable and annoying job, how long will you stay there after this change and when do you think you will be able to get a new job elsewhere (or be promoted to management)?

Basically, I would ask myself 'future self, which decision would you regret more?'
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Jan 31, 2006
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What is your job description? If your job leads to a dead end, whatever shift you choose you are still going nowhere.