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Super fast BB/FS shipping, got trolled by Canada post...

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  • Jan 2nd, 2013 2:11 pm
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Dec 10, 2004
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oldskool75 wrote:
Dec 27th, 2012 9:40 pm
I work from home 3 days a week..
Twice earlier this year (none during these holiday times), the tracking number said 'DELIVERED'.. yet no one rang the doorbell (my den is right beside the front door, and I can see anyone who stops in front of my house)..

The status were changed later to "Attempted delivery, no answer. Left notification on door."
(There was no notification on the door.

I ended up using the tracking number, calling CP, waiting for the typical 20 mins, and they said, oh, just take the tracking number to your local Post office..
After asking them to speciify more clearly, they gave me an address, and I picked up my packages.

THREE DAYS later, the notification shows up in my mailbox (neighbourhood super-box).. really.. thanks...

Two other times this year, the doorbell rang, I went down the stairs (all 10 seconds), and by the time I opened the door, the truck was driving away, and there's a notice stuck on my door to come pick it up at the postoffice within two days (with sticky material that won't come off the glass).

Canada Post sucks.
At least they rang the doorbell for you. I saw them coming one day when I happened to by chance, look out a 2nd story front bedroom window and see the person coming up the laneway. By the time I came down the stairs, they had just stuck the notice on the door without ringing the doorbell! I'm guessing they had already filled out the form in the truck. I have a dog that also barks whenever the doorbell is rang so I know they did not attempt to ring the bell.
There have been numerous other times they just put the notice on the door when I am home. I was in the dining room eating my lunch when they did that (in full view of the front door) and the dog barked but he only barked because of the noise of the person moving the door slightly when putting the notice on. Again, I get to the door and open it, and the truck is gone.
Another time at my parents house, with a living room of people there (dad, older brother, my son, and my dog) at noon, they just put the notice in the mailbox and literally ran. I say "ran", because my brother heard the noise of the mailbox, and looked out the window and saw the person running back to the truck. He couldn't move fast enough to stop them, they didn't even close their sliding door when driving off.
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Jan 30, 2011
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This is one reason why they need to get privatized...
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Mar 30, 2009
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I can relate as well. The guy who delivers in my area here in Aurora does the same thing. Never attempts to deliver the goods but leaves the notice card in the mailbox days later. A few times he even has delivered my packages on Sunday. door bell rings and I'm like WTF? Today I was home the entire day waiting for my purchases and same old *****. I now have to drive to the local convenience store and pick up my items. I wish there was a complaints department or something. Not that anything will get done about it but this guy really deserves a frying pan over the head for not doing his job properly.
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Jan 20, 2007
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Just got another one.

'Attempted delivery Dec 31 - left notice on door'.

What a load of crap.. There were people home all day.. and no notice on the door..

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Oct 7, 2007
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I have an BB order made on the 24th that was supposed to be delivered on the 28th ... I still haven't gotten it yet.

On the other hand another order came right on 27th, so it's hit or miss.
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