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Superstore still selling recalled toys?

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  • Aug 27th, 2007 11:10 am
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Mar 24, 2007
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PCDawg wrote:
Aug 27th, 2007 2:59 am
Thats the bad mis-conception that all consumers have on some products that are being sold past their 'expiry date'.

Alot of products can still be used and are safe if its past the expiry date for several months.

Certain products such like allergy pills can still work even if they are a couple months past the expiry date, but their potency is not as strong the longer they sit.

COmpanies put expiry dates so that consumers feel safe that they have a certain time frame to use the products which will do what they are suppose to do. Its an estimated time line of how long they will be at 100% effectiveness.

Its not like most products once past the due /expiry date will cause cancer or be poisonous to those that use it.
However, there's something just a little dishonest in selling things past their expiry date for full price. If people are aware that they are buying expired products then I don't care. However, I also find many products at Loblaws long past theit expiry date. I guess they sell them to some poor unsuspecting Joe. Maybe if they had staff actually rotate the stock, this would be less of a problem.
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Apr 30, 2003
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Honestly, I rarely shop at Superstore/loblaws.

Im surprised if they do sell alot of expired products. Im under the impression that they are a mid-level supermarket chain in terms of what they provide to customers. They are a notch below Dominion and Sobeys in terms of quality and pricing, but a step up from No Frills, Food Basics and Price Choppers.