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T-MAX HEAT technology clothing from Mark's Work Wearhouse

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  • Nov 6th, 2018 7:17 pm
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Dec 25, 2002
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T-MAX HEAT technology clothing from Mark's Work Wearhouse

Does anyone own clothing from Mark's with T-MAX HEAT technology? I was at Marks looking for some winter clothing. They have lots of base layer and outerwear jacket with the technology. The sales there mentions it really can keep you warm and cozy in cold winter. Does it really work? Can't really find any review except the following. ... 93531.html
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Oct 27, 2009
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I have an older Wind River jacket (women's-has T-Max) that I'm finding hard to replace with a newer version from Marks. My find came from a secondhand store and has the snaps/zipper/ribbed cuffs and snap off hood. Body of coat is warm when you snap or zip or do both depending on wind/cold weather conditions. Unless I spot a near double of this style at Marks, I'm going to wear the old jacket for a 4th winter!!

Coat has fiber-fill so it's not good for wet weather--drying required.
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May 14, 2009
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I have women's fleece lined pants from Mark's. They're super comfy. I wear them in the winter to walk the dogs, go to dog park, etc. They aren't as warm as my old snow pants, nor are they water resistant, but I guess they're not supposed to perform like snowpants.
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Oct 15, 2013
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T-Max is this kind of a pilled polyester thing, similar to fleece I suppose but much thinner.

It was good for the price I feel, some underlayer shirts and socks I had. I've moved almost completely to Icebreaker Merino now for that which you can wear longer between washes and is quite a step up in quality (and price) but the T-Max stuff did the job reasonably I found in harsh weather.

I do still like my T-Max Sherpa lined hoodie and I've had that for 3 years, that is nice and warm and I think is good quality for the price too. My gf has the female version and loves it, it's her go to during fall.
It looks like Mark's does those still but the design patterns aren't as nice as they used to be to me (in mens) and are quilted (in womens) but that's just my taste, I'm not a massive fan of red plaid i.e. the Canadian default in particular.