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The Green Belt is a great treasure to all residents of Ontario. Recently, we have heard that both the liberals and PC are having plan to convert some of greenbelt area to residential real-estate development. How can we prevent that? I used to remember that Woodbine and Elgin Mills/19th ave area are ...


The GreenON program is now offering rebates for Solar PV and Energy Storage systems to help Ontario homeowners use renewable electricity and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. ... ar-rebates


I can't get the last drops of liquid Tide out of the jug. Any tips?


What do you use and where did you buy it? I think HomeHardware carries eco-traction, volcanic rock but I wonder how bad is the CO2 footprint on that? To harvest that and transport it... Reno-Depot/RONA seems to carry a green one but it's not entirely salt free IIRC

solar panel

Can anyone suggest some resources for tips on setting up a panel on my shed to power 10 deck patio lights? The light with built in power sold at CanTire for $9 lasted me one year. More expensive ones I tried not much better. Much appreciated and thanks.


This whole subject of rebates is confusing. It seems like there are so many different programs, offered through so many different channels. I know this started recently but I called them and since my renos happened in approx...


Hi, My parents are looking into getting our windows replaced and is unsure of which company to go to. Does anyone have any recommendations


Are there any in the GTA? I'm from BC and these are everywhere giving you 5c per bottle or can, 10c for larger ones. Please let me know, from what I've heard Ontario doesn't participate in recycling for money. But I swear I've driven past recycling depots before, just don't remember where. Thanks fo...


I saw a post on my FB feed today about this. Apparently they're super strong with a lifetime warranty. I personally don't own a Tesla and I'm not sure if the amount of sunlight we receive here in the GTA is enough to offset total costs of hydro but this is a HUG...


Hi Everyone, I know this is old news and most people don't do these anymore but wondering if anyone knows of a good energy auditor? I want to get an audit done and find out how I can save money. thanks T


... started looking for a land in a suburb of GTA to build our little bungalow to live through the rest of our lives. Since this will most likely be 1.5-2 hours away from Toronto, I don't expect any natural gas infrastructure there. Given this, what would be the most sensible build especially knowing ...


So Ontario got its first heat wave couple of days ago and I managed to ride it out without turning on the A/C, the night temps. were low enough to cool down the house. I've been wondering though in preparation for the next heat wave, since the majority of Ontarians use Time-of-Use electricity is it ...


... i have noticed that there are some sort of products that are exceptions for plastic for example. I would like to know where to put these items: 1.- Orange juice jar (Simply Orange). 2.- Yogurt (Activa little containers) 3.- Bottles of water (aquafina, etc) 4.- Tuna cans 5.- Foam like containing ...

energy audit

I'm up for a new furnace and doing my research. I'm being told a lot of pros and cons about upgrading now, but this one response from one of my friends has me stumped: I was told the energy audit has significantly inflated the cost of furnaces installations over the past two years and if I wait unti...


Aylmer United Church Fundraising Rain Barrel. Barrels are $60 each and can be ordered online for pick up on June 2nd.


People are starting to think about the garbage waste generated by Christmas. However, when it comes to Halloween, no one has even mentioned this. Most of the cheap costumes are bad quality and made of non-biodegradable synthetic materials that may not be flame retardant. The cheap wigs usually get a...


Hi Guys, I know this topic might have been dealt with many times. About a year ago I got free roof Solar panels from grasshopper solar. normally you get a checque from grasshopper once a year. However, I have been receiving monthly checques of about $250 from HydroOne Mississauga. I called them to f...


1. IS black styrofoam not recyclable in Toronto? 2. Also, I know U of Toronto recycles coffee cups and other waxed paper food containers, but I went to the Air Canada Centre and somehow they included black plastic trays and ...


I've read that these are the greatest thing ...saves you $$$, endless hotwater, save the environment, space saving, 25yr lifespan...etc. Now, when i ask co-workers and acquaintances who has one installed and is happy with them in their home all i get is that they've looked into it but kept a normal ...


My old high efficiency furnace has packed up. What rebates are currently available for new high efficiency furnaces?


Are GreenON/similar rebates applicable switching from programmable thermostat to smart/wifi connected thermostat?

how to

I can't get the last drops of liquid Tide out of the jug. Any tips?


My basement is half below grade (walkout to yard) and is just freezing in the winter. I replaced the old aluminum patio door with a new highly efficient vinyl door, and installed an additional cold-air return to bring cold air from the finished area into the furnace (not the same room as the furnace...

natural skincare

What kind(s) of handmade natural bath soap do you like? Unscented Scented Color Color Free (Pure Creamy White) Vegan Soap (Made by Vegetable Oils) Reg. Soap (Made by Animal Fat) Or any others?

natural beauty

What kind(s) of handmade natural bath soap do you like? Unscented Scented Color Color Free (Pure Creamy White) Vegan Soap (Made by Vegetable Oils) Reg. Soap (Made by Animal Fat) Or any others?


What kind(s) of handmade natural bath soap do you like? Unscented Scented Color Color Free (Pure Creamy White) Vegan Soap (Made by Vegetable Oils) Reg. Soap (Made by Animal Fat) Or any others?


After lengthy hours researching "green" eco insulation for our home renovation project, we decided to go with Certainteed Sustainable brand fiberglass insulation (from their website: "exceeds California's strict indoor air quality requirements"). We wanted to be "green' with our renovation, and live...


Hello there, I am interested in trying out the following products: soap nuts (preferably Naturoli), Charlie's Soap and Seventh Generation laundry detergents. Does anyone know where I can buy these products online? I tried Amazon, but they do not deliver to Canada. Any tips on how to get a good deal ...


Hello, I am having a headache with Bc hydro bill. Our bill was estimated for last six months due to the error of smart meter. (Meter was shown as Error 07) Bc hydro said they will send people here to change our smart meter to new one, however they never did for last 5 months. Finally, they told me o...

rain barrel

Just a thought; If your dad enjoys gardening then maybe he would like a rain barrel for Father's Day? is working with non-profit groups and selling them as low as $50. They let you submit your order online and you can either pay now or at pick up. Here is the blog post that you can che...