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Hi, I'm looking into buying a stainless steel sheet to cover my back splash over the range. Does anyone know of a place in Ottawa that sells these types of sheets?


Hey all, In regards to freehold town homes does anyone know if you are allowed to change the garage door/front door to a custom design or is the person forced to stay in unison with their neighbors? Asking for my friend who hasn't had any luck getting someone from the builder to clarify. He will be ...


Hi, I have a double hung window and one of my balance shoes is stuck at the bottom of the channel. I have used a screw driver to turn it 90 degrees but I'm not able to get it to move. I have applied quite a bit of pressure but it doesn't seem to budge. (The other shoe moves fine on the other side. T...


So, I've finally narrowed down my subfloor configuration to the following method: 1" thick XPS Rigid Foam 4x8 boards + 5/8" OSB wood sheet (everything will be secured with tapcons into the concrete) ... in other words the poor-man's/DIY Dricore R+ method My question ...


folks, need to buy some tools for home usage, was thinking about Ridgid and Dewalt, wanna start with a combo kit - Drill / Driver appreciate any advise.


just coming for a second opinion here: peaksaver installed, keeprite furnace c9mpv (ecm) thermostat was dead....i took it off the wall, put it back on and it powered up, turned the system to 'off' went back at night to turn system back to 'heat' thermo shows 'heat on' wake up in the morning the hous...


The house has a walkout basement on an uphill. TD charges me around 300 for the backup coverage. Do you guys think I should be fine without the coverage or better get it? My house isn't in a flooding zone either. Thanks.


My basement project is starting soon but I would like to get some ideas and options. What would be the best option for venting if the new washroom is going to be located at the opposite side of the main venting stack ? Main venting stack is located at the north part of the house (blue circle) and th...


Can't believe how cheap builders these days are, all of the bathroom vanity lights have no electrical box. Just a wire hanging out from behind the drywall. The issue is now all of the lights at Home Depot require an electrical box as I know it's against code to wire and mount the wall plate directly...


... Should we get a basement specialist company e.g., Penguin Basements and a kitchen remodeling company e.g, Binns or would it be better to go with 1 company to do both? I may have to hire a 3rd company if the kitchen/basement company won't take on the living room. I'm thinking 1 company would be ...

how to

I have a home which has a shower. The shower is original from the builder, it uses the pull out diverter valve, but its on the WALL and NOT on the spout. Its in the middle of the hot and cold nobs. Trust me I spent hours of research, all the search results apply to USA where builders use different c...


Complete newbie question, please dont be too harsh lol I need to change this mailbox lock. I was able to force the old lock out with a screwdriver (probably not best method but well..its out) and need to replace with an identical lock. The screws dont have any heads, it looks like maybe a rivet base...


Thinking to purchase the Golden Select 4mm vinyl from Costco. I recently removed the tiles, and although the floor seems pretty flat, i did have tocover a few damaged spots. It's fairly flat but I'm worried that it may ruin the planks. Also worried that the floors may be cold in the basement during ...


anyone have reliable/trusty referrals for bathroom renovation in newmarket area? i need to renovate 2 bathroom. im looking for replacing old faucet, tub and vanity to new one with some tiling work. thanks seheon


Anyone have any recommendations for a tin whacker to re-route some furnace duct work in Toronto? It's not a huge job, a wall is being removed and the ducts to the upstairs will need to be moved or replaced. I doubt any of the big contractors will want to be bothered with a small job like this. Might...


Hi, I'm in process building a new home. I would love to have hardwood stair but it's extremely expensive upgrade from builder ($7k). I really don't have budget for it right now, I wonder if that's something I can do later. Or I should get it now due to wrought iron stair. The pics that I attached is...


... bathtub faucets from a standard 3 holes to a 4 holes faucets. (Drilled an additional hole on the bathtub) The original faucets (3 holes) has 1 hot + 1 cold water control, and the water sprout. The new 4 holes faucets is basically the same, except it has a pull out rod and a diverted on the ...


Someone said today that any newly installed gfci plug need to be self testing. Is this true? What is the code rule if so? In Ontario btw


Just wondering if anyone has an indoor or electric BBQ? I don't think I'm allowed one on my condo and short of sneaking a small camping one on, I'm looking at possibly having to settle for a smaller electric one. Thoughts? And thanks in advance!


Hey all, So remember all those times in school when you and your friends would say "this is so stupid. Im never going to need to use this in real life when Im older." Well, this has come to bite me in the arse. I feel like a dolt asking this question. Though, to be fair, math was never my strong sui...


What's the best can opener for a senior? Needs to have no batteries and be easy enough for a 69-year old to use.


Today is the day I'm planting the Costco Hosta plants. They are just roots and shoots though so how do I put 2-3 inches of bark mulch (lowes deal) around them like I'm doing with the rest of the garden they are being planted in? Whats the trick to this?


I have a bedroom dresser that has a crack in the wood, on the drawer. Can you recommend a furniture repair place? My husband already tried to glue it but it didn't hold. I'm in Oakville/ Mississauga area.


Hey guys, Looking for good quartz countertop recommendations in the GTA. Got some quotes but don't feel comfortable with dealing with some of these people... Looking for LG ideally... Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


... right away would be How much more would I expect to pay for a gas model compared to electric? Cost savings per year on average? I tend to do 1 large dryer load per week, on off-peak hours. Performance of gas dryer models? Any extra maintenance? Edit: I'm looking to replace my old electric ...


... cutout on the door would be on the correct side. I will just keep the real door knob on door A (right side after moving) I guess my work involve: 1) Move the door plates/catch currently on the left side frame to the door B (Green arrow) 2) Buy an additional set of door hinges, and install them ...


Someone said today that any newly installed gfci plug need to be self testing. Is this true? What is the code rule if so? In Ontario btw

water heater

Hi. I am planning top buy a new Water Heater from Lowes, and return the current tank to Reliance at the depot myself. Reliance said that they will change me $469.00 to pick it up, but change NOTHING if I take it back myself to the depot. Is there a catch here? What am I missing? Why does it cost 469...


... buying properties, renovating them and then exiting. (either through long-term rentals or outright flips.) I have been investing for the past 15 years and have gone through several renovations with investment properties over the years. However, I've always used contractors and trades people ...


I'm looking to get my mower (21" 3-1 Craftsman BriggsStratton engine) repaired. Came across George's Lawn Mower Home Service. $120+parts Has anyone used them? What's a reasonable price? Any mower repair suggestions? Preferably around north GTA.