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Hi I am considering buying a BNIB PS4 off Kijiji as there are several ads that list them for $300 and below. I will definitely open the box and look to make sure that all the components are included the packaging is not broken. What are some things I need to look into to ensure that the product is a...


Hi all, I want to purchase a used ps3. Saw one on ebay. I want a slim because I heard alot of over heating issue with the super slim version. Can anyone who has a ps3 verify if Sony did indeed made a slim 500gb vision? I googled it, and a lot of times is the super slim version. Then I saw some on Ki...


Seems that Microsoft is introducing a Netflix like service for games. $9.99/month gets you access to 100+ titles from multiple developers. I like the idea, and if my kids were old enough to game it would be worth it to buy it - its the same price as 2 b...

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Hi, I am a big fan of Xcom 2 because you can setup really brutal ambushes and the animations of that ambush are so bloody. I am looking for games that have a similar ambush vibe, it does not have to be a strategy game or turn based like xcom 2. Can anyone suggest anything?

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Hi, Gamers! I admit I have virtually zero understanding of gaming consoles so I hope you can help me out. I promised my husband a new xbox for his birthday and he asked for an Xbox One S with 1TB. Since I hate paying full price (shock!), I have been watching for deals (I saw the Shopping Channel one...


I woke up this morning to find that my PSN ID got changed in the middle of the night without my consent. I'm now unable to log into my account. Looking at the AskPlaystation Twitter feed it looks like this is a widespread issue. Anybody here having the same problem?


I don't know how accurate Playstation Turkey is or if we get the same games they do so I hope you guys don't mind me posting this. The full list will be revealed soon anyway. Source of leak: ... g-floor-2/


So I tend to frequent a lot of gaming forums on occasion and saw that there was a common theme of complaint threads in regards to peoples PSN accounts getting hacked with users being locked out of their accounts. One of the common things said to the complainants was did you set up 2 step authenticat...

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Hi guys, We're giving our used Xbox 360 to my nephew soon and I'm just curious if there's an ideal way to do this. They'll need to create their own account with Microsoft but we have the hardware, and bunch of games. Should I wipe everything and have them reload it all - and if so, how's the best wa...


Just came out today for $25 cad. Thank you platinum games and Sega. might try this after I finish Dark Souls 2 scholar.


I saw some used Wii on the kijiji. I want to know if the Wii is still worth to buy? And what's the price is reasonable. Thank you


I know there are a lot of fans of this game so Yippeee!


It's official.

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Do you think Costco will clear out old xbox ones soon with good clear out prices like $149-199?


Here's the problem....trying to buy the Destiny Rise of Iron preorder for a friend in the USA, and it seems like everywhere I try to buy it, its region locked. Can't buy for the USA in Canada, and if I go to,, etc, when I try to check out it won't let me with my billing addres...


... videogame swap in North America. Plenty of local retro gaming youtube guys going to this. It's this Sunday at Rim Park in Waterloo. Which is 1 hour from the GTA Plenty of videos on youtube if you want to see what it's like.


It's official.

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... at a later date or in the case of games like MAG or online only the entire product. I'll be upset if some PS3 online games i play like Bad Company 1 and 2 close down, Bad Company 1 especially considering there's no PC counterpart for it. ...

online ... onnection/ Could be a deal breaker for some people.


Take a look at this Consumers Distributing video game catalogue from 1996:


Hey folks! I am travelling abroad for a few months and plan on taking my PS4 with me. Can it survive being in one of my bags if padded and bubble-wrapped ? Or can y'all recommend a bag or way to protect it best if I have to bring it on as a carry-on? What have you guys traditionally done? Thanks for...


I had forgotten I had bought this for a gift. I want to get rid of it on Kijiji and wondered how much I should ask for it. The box is not sealed, but it was never powered up, it is complete with unsealed copies of Kungfu Panda and Lego Batman I think that came with it. It is white. Thank you


So Ive had Final Fantasy 1 - Mystic Quest, Final Fantasy 3, illusions of gaia, breathe of fire and chrono trigger for a long time. No boxes, just absolute mint cartridges only. Im not a collector, Ive just always loved those games so ...


RANT for the last 3 weeks I've been trying to buy my kid a replacement 3DS it's been impossible. Why are they sold out everywhere? I basically got him Sun and Moon for his current 3DS for xmas and told him that I'd buy him one when they got back in stock Any idea of who has them in the city? Add to ...

playstation 4

Hey. So I'm looking into buying a PS4 Slim, either 500GB or 1TB. I currently have a 500GB PS3 and rarely download games from the PS Store, so I don't think I'll need 1TB, but the PS4 Slim 500GB and 1TB are both $380 right now. Although the 500GB comes ...


So I'm looking to get into Elder Scrolls Online, what is the best place to buy the game for PC for us Canadians? Cheapest?

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Hey Guys, Not sure anyone else has noticed but they are selling all value gaming at Superstore locations at 50% off. It is mostly PS3, Xbox360 and Wii titles. Examples include: PS3 Skyrim - $12.19 Xbox 360 GTA IV - $9.99 Wii Lego Batman - $9.99 Perhaps there are a few gems buried in there.


Hi everyone, My PS3 got the YLOD last night and not only is my FIFA12 game stuck inside, but all my gameshares are there too. My question is, if I buy a new ps3, and I transfer my HDD from my old PS3 to the new one, will my gameshared games/savedata/movies/music transfer over? Or is a HDD uniquely t...


Hi all, I have about $35 of Microsoft Credit that's expiring at the end of the month, leftover from the points to $ conversion... but no idea how to use it up. What options are out there? Did anyone discover a way to get this balance out? e.g. buy something that can be returned or transfer to someon...