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pet insurance

Just wondering if most people get a pet insurance. My dog had some issue with her teeth which costed me $1500 and she has luxating patella(wobbly knee cap) which is not severe for now but might need a surgery(will cost $2k). As those two are pre-existing condition, insurance company won't cover thos...


I am looking to see if any RFDer has purchased a purebred CKC registered German Shepherd puppy from an excellent and well reputed breeder. Preferably working line from an European blood line, and with no history of hip dysplasia. Thanks


In case anyone's interested, there's a PetSmart store going in at the site of the former Staples and Solutions stores at Empress Walk, Yonge Street and Empress Avenue, in Toronto. According to a member of the construction crew, the store is scheduled to open by late September.


Hi, Can anyone recommend a good vet in the north GTA (Markham/RHill/Aurora/Vaughan) area? Looking for a new vet as my current vet is retiring. For 2 adult dogs. Preferably can personally recommend. Thx.

a cat

some questions and stuff i want to know. is your siamese cat also super cuddly and wants to be with you 24/7 every second even when you just want to quickly use the washroom? is this just my cat or the breed in general? i am still mesmerized by how bonding they are. what is it with cats and milk? i ...


Anyone has any recommendation regarding Lab retriever breeder near Ottawa, Gatineau,Montreal area?


My family's got 2 dogs at my mom's house and when we travel they get boarded at our vets. My mom will be traveling for ~3 weeks and they would need to be boarded throughout then, but I'd love for them to be somewhere better than at the vets, where I am not sure they have a ton of time outside of a n...


I see ppl on the TTC or other places in public, where they actually will kiss their dog right in their mouth, or let the dog lick their tongue and lips. How disgusting and filthy is this? Why do ppl do this? If you want to show appreciation or affection to your pet dog why not pet it on the head or ...


not petsmart canada or, ideally in Canada, or in US if the price in canada, after conversion and tax and duties, is still much higher. A medium to large cat tree. any place to look for deal or coupon for such thing, has there been deals during black friday or xmas during past years? thank ...


i am first time pet owner... and was looking for Pet shops and i didnt find much option....Pet Smart ,Pet Valu... It seems these guys have monopoly in pet market... Anyone knows any other online sites where i can get good variety in reasonable prices?


Hi guys! I recently adopted a 7 year old dog (chow chow mix). Super adorable, friendly and well-trained. Unfortunately I didn't get much information on her before or any paperwork, as the family had to move away very quickly and they would've had to put her in a pound. Any information for a first ti...


I have 8 week old Lab puppy. His mouth smells very bad....i checked his mouth ,it seems all clean- No dark spot...all teeth looks super white but it still has bad smell..He has his chew toys to remove plaque or tarter.... I asked breeder and breeder advised against using any of toothbrush or toothpa...

litter box

Currently using an open one, takes up the whole 2nd washroom, good for when I was single and only needed one washroom, so now I'm looking for something smaller. I've been looking at some top entry ones but opinions vary. I've also considered making a DIY hidden cabinet/shelf mod but I'm not sure if ...


I tend to get cold fingers easily and when walking the dog when it's below -10C, my finger tips get painfully numb after walking 30-60 mins. Usually it's my hand that is holding the leash that is worse (and wearing thick mitts is a pain to hold the leash), so I figured I'd try to make my big glove t...


Hi guys, As my dog is getting older, I've noticed her pearly whites have plaque build up and I can start to smell the plaque 😞. She has never allowed me to brush her teeth even at a young age. Now she needs a professional to take a look. I used to go to the Annex Vet by Bathurst and Harbord but afte...


What is the best pet bed made of safe materials with liner that prevent liquid from reaching the insides?


What is the difference between a pet laser toy sold at Dollarama for $1.50 and the one sold at Pet Valu for $6.99? Are they both safe? How do they compare in quality etc?


Hi i just wanna get your opinions on the cat foods out there. my cats about 14 months. I want to get opinions on cat foods as theres so many different ones and some are a lot more expensive then others.


shots, vet documents, dewormed and registration? What else do i need to know? I want to buy a Pomsky but they are hard to get.

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pet photos

Post pics of your cat doing silly things!!! Those are always fun. =) [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] He likes to hang out in my back yard...


My brother found a Turtle in a toronto park beside a path. he took it home because he didnt feel it was the best place for him to be wondering around in a high traffic park area. i have every intention to set him free again, but im just wondering is there a better place i can free him where there is...

foster homes

SINGLE CAT FOSTER HOMES DESPERATELY NEEDED Do you love cats but do not have any of your own? Toronto Cat Rescue is in need of foster homes that do not have other cats. We often get foster cats into our program that do not get along with other animals. Since most of our foster homes have other anima...

pet valu

Join Toronto Cat Rescue Thursday May 24th at the grand opening of Pet Valu 2578 Yonge Street (North of Eglinton). There will be some cats and kittens waiting for a forever home at the grand opening. As well, the owner of this Pet Valu location will be donating proceeds from all purchases that day to...


I'm wondering if these are as good as all the hype? My dog is a shepherd/boxer mix and he sheds a lot. I was thinking about trying this product since he seems to be forever shedding, even after I have just brushed him. What are your experiences with it? Thanks!


Does pet insurance cover general checkups because a checkup now costs $55 lol 2 years ago in my city it used to be $30...

vet costs

Hello everyone, I have to take my parents' dog to the vet for a skin issue (not a routine check up). I'm just wondering what the prices are like? I know it varies from vet to vet and it will vary depending on the severity of the issue but I have no idea what to even expect. If they say it's serious ...


Please vote for Shay for Modern Dog Magazine and help us promote adoption! Sick pups need love too


I've been trying to find a reputable welsh corgi breeder...Kijiji was of no help! does anyone know someone they can recommend?

dog help

I adopted a golden retriever in June of 2014. I started with the PetSmart obedience classes, however it became apparent that he has issues with other dogs. Any time he is in close proximity to a dog he usually barks and lunges - there are minor exceptions. The PetSmart trainer brushed it off as exci...