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Has anyone seen this backpack at a Costco in your area? I have tried 6 Costcos around Toronto and they don't have this colour. They have lots of the same style backpack in funky colours and patterns but like Cream Glazed and Apple Fritter's when some buys a box of donuts, these remain uneaten while ...


Are there currently any good deals on a decent GPS? I don't need something that's top of the line. I'd like to buy one that has maps for all of Canada and preferably one that has real time traffic updates, but that feature is not necessary.


Anywhere that I can find a deal on a beginner set (preferably with bag) on a set of mens RH golf clubs? $100-$150


Looking for a 15" laptop with GTX 1060. Any recommendations or current deals are welcomed... Not sure what is a fair price, don't want to overpay. If nothing good is available at the moment, will probably wait for the back to school season...


I'm moving to Edmonton in the next month and looking for good deals on home internet. I know from time to time providers offer good deals so wondering what the best options are. Not looking to bundle with TV packages, just want a good, fast, reliable internet plan.


I'm visiting Toronto today from Montreal. Where can I find the best deal on LED bulbs with coupons? (Quebec does not have subsidies for LEDs) Particularly looking for dimmable GU10


Where's the cheapest place to get a little ultraviolet or black light flashlight? Anyone seen these at any dollar stores? Not super concerned with quality or longevity...just looking for one to authenticate something. Also looking to buy in a store as opposed to online, as I potentially need it tomo...


Looking to get a decent first real bike for my kid. His first without training wheels. Needs to be one that can last at least two years and be good to teach him how to start biking on his own. Does it need to be either super cheap bbut hoping for good value- worried that going to Toys "R" Us or Cana...


I have rogers gigabit internet and tv bundle service now with a free NextBox 3.0 PVR, is there any way to replace the 3.0 PVR box to a NextBox 4K UHD box and add their 4K package for free for 12 month (from 13th month will be $10)?


I'm visiting Toronto today from Montreal. Where can I find the best deal on LED bulbs with coupons? (Quebec does not have subsidies for LEDs) Particularly looking for dimmable GU10


Hi, I'm seeing if anyone has any $40 off $200 coupons from the boxing week event that they're not using. Thanks


I'm visiting Toronto today from Montreal. Where can I find the best deal on LED bulbs with coupons? (Quebec does not have subsidies for LEDs) Particularly looking for dimmable GU10


It is not a deal request but the cover of my master key for honda accord with remote was broken . I came to honda dealer and thưy said i have to cut a new key(25$), new cover 20$, and reprogramming the remore (130$). Any one know in GTA a key maker can fix that without make a complete new, or if mak...


Hey everyone i lost my iPhone 7 EarPods and I'm looking for a replacement pair. They are 35 at the Apple Store. Is there any alternatives I can get for less?


I'm looking for the best deal for a Samsung DeX


Hi, I'm an existing bell customer and my internet promo has expired and I'm looking to get a similar deal. Thanks


Hi guys, I'll be in the lower mainland for 6 weeks and will be needing to buy a cell phone plan (sim card) of some sort. I'll mostly need it for data and some short calls, but mainly I'll be looking for a few gbs of data to use with my unlocked phone. Any suggestions on plans or companies to look in...


Local calls, texting would be nice by not necessary at all. No smartphone or data required. This would be for emergency use mainly, but also for occasional calls form and to home. She lives just outside Ottawa and other than that area, mainly only travels to London, ON, She doesn't have a phone now,...


I am looking for Bose QC 35 or similar headphones for daily subway commute. Basically looking for comfortable over the ear Bluetooth headphones with minimum sound leak. Prefer to have active noise cancellation. Any coupons and/or suggestions are appreciated. Thank You!


a friend of mine is looking for this Playstation 3 bundle, new in box...its hard to find in stores and online. Please advise if you have any replies here, thanks. ... e-for-249/


Hello, I am looking for home internet service (only) with no contract in Burnaby BC. Please response below to send me a message. Thank you, Stan


Moving to a new condo, need a good deal on Sony XBR55X700D TV. Missed the boxing day deal... With the new Sony TV's arriving in the next 2 months, I imagine they will start clearing out the 2017 models... Any leads?


So I'm a Rogers customer paying 135$ a month for 7 gigs shared across two lines. I need a new phone but they want to gouge me for quite a bit more upping my second line from 30 to 55 even though I own the phone and want to up my plan to 130$ to get a new phone. So all in all They want me to pay more...


Pm me with your # Thanks!


looking for a flat-screen monitor or tv under 150$ LCD or LED widescreen 20" to 25" I need VGA and would also like HDMI & composite don't need any built in speaker anyone have any leads? thanks rfd!!!


Looking for a good deal for an android box (for kodi) that has a 1000m connection but is around the $0 - $60


I need a car just for one day on a weekday (Monday to be exact). Just for myself. Cheapest as possible. Traveling about 80km all together. Any suggestions? (ie. Discount, Avis, Enterprise, Dollar....etc.) Thank you in advance for any advice/suggestions! - Budha


Is there a site other than canada unlocker? Need a telus phone unlocked for virgin. Don't know which one to trust


I have a bunch of old cables we got from a project that just got shut down, but can't find anyone who will buy them. Amongst the parts & pieces inherited: - 50 x Huawei E372u-5 (Videotron branded) mobile sticks - 9 x Rogers ZTE MF636 - 550 x 13' feet VGA to VGA cables - 390 x 5' feet VGA to VGA cabl...


Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Samsung Smart TV at around 40" in the GTA. Best deal I could find was $550 from Leons.