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What's best current deal? I have seen $13.xx as cheapest. TIA

looking for

... the phones probably locked to rogers (were provided by them in a contract plan) in ontario Both phones will be paid off in the next couple months, 1 line doesn't do much (maybe once a month 1hour long distance but in province) voice calling, but texting and 1gb of data maybe 2. other line does ...


anyone know where I can buy a pair of classic crocs (clogs) for kids? Is the cheapest place at the moment?


Hi, I'm looking for a deal on a laptop for my father in law. Basically, he just use Office (word) and he play littles games on facebook. Budget max 500$. thanks!


hello, my current new home buyer deal with Shaw is ending soon, and I'm looking for a new internet provider. I've had a not-so-great experience with cable internet (shared bandwidth and so on), especially in my neighborhood, since everyone seems to be using Shaw as well (due to the new home deal). S...


Just wondering if I could get some recommendations for a $10-15 barber shop (preferably in the Coquitlam area). Thanks!


I'm looking to buy 2 tickets for the show. Tickets are $13 online. Does anyone know if there are any discount codes, or how to get free tickets?


Looking to purchase a luggage/suitcase set for an upcoming trip in the summer. Any discounts or suggestions as to where I can get my hands on a nice set? TIA.


Hi I am looking for an unlock for an iPhone 5s currently locked to rogers. Who is doing it at a reasonable price. I don't have a rogers account therefore cannot go to rogers.


Hi, I'm seeing if anyone has any $40 off $200 coupons from the boxing week event that they're not using. Thanks


I saw some Dollarama stores selling Shopkins for $2.50 each. They are individually wrapped in plastic bags. Are these good prices? I have seen them coming in little boxes but not plastic bags. Are these genuine? Looking for them as gifts for niece. Where can I find them for good prices? I saw a few ...


Guys, I am in a hopeless situation. My street has got old Bell hardware, making internet very unstable and dropping connections every 10 minutes. I am with CarryTel. Cogeco has a strong grip here with their non fiber lines but are exorbitantly high. I have tried OTA but it is not the best. Any sugge...


Looking to set up a home gym on a budget and recommendations for a power rack/squat rack (full preferred), adjustable bench, olympic barbell + weights.


Hi, I'm an existing bell customer and my internet promo has expired and I'm looking to get a similar deal. Thanks


Hi folks, I am looking for any of the mentioned notes. Please share info for buying at the best price. I am interested in buying it out. Appreciate your feedback.


Local calls, texting would be nice by not necessary at all. No smartphone or data required. This would be for emergency use mainly, but also for occasional calls form and to home. She lives just outside Ottawa and other than that area, mainly only travels to London, ON, She doesn't have a phone now,...


a friend of mine is looking for this Playstation 3 bundle, new in box...its hard to find in stores and online. Please advise if you have any replies here, thanks. ... e-for-249/


Not an audiophile but would like something more than a $10 pair from Shoppers. I was fairly satisfied with my samsung headphones that comes with a phone but those broke.


booked to fly from hamilton to edmonton april 24 for a week. any help on cheap or free stuff to do would be appreciated, coupons, 2 for 1's, cheap meals, free activities etc etc. thanks


I'm moving into a brand new apartment building in a couple of weeks. Was gonna stick with carrytel because they've been awesome and so cheap, but apparently since the building is new, Bell/Rogers get exclusivity for 2 years. Just wondering given the above, what would be the best method of me getting...


Moving to a new condo, need a good deal on Sony XBR55X700D TV. Missed the boxing day deal... With the new Sony TV's arriving in the next 2 months, I imagine they will start clearing out the 2017 models... Any leads?


Pm me with your # Thanks!


My friend and his family just moved into a new home however the area can get dangerous at times. They are hosting a house warming party next month and since it's Black Friday, I was wondering if there are any good deals for a wireless security camera with at least 2 camera? Thanks for your help!


I'll be moving to North York this week. I rent a home in Montreal that has Bell Fibe under my name. What is the best deal I can get on home internet? And would having existing Bell Montreal services qualify me for additional discounts if I subscribe to them in GTA?


looking for a flat-screen monitor or tv under 150$ LCD or LED widescreen 20" to 25" I need VGA and would also like HDMI & composite don't need any built in speaker anyone have any leads? thanks rfd!!!


Looking for a good deal for an android box (for kodi) that has a 1000m connection but is around the $0 - $60


Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Samsung Smart TV at around 40" in the GTA. Best deal I could find was $550 from Leons.


Got a new car. What happened to bestway? Or other similar place


Packing cubes are zippered rectangular fabric containers used to organize the items packed in your suitcase. I've been searching and it seems that packing cubes are usually around $15 each, with sets of 3-7 pieces of varying sizes being $20+, though usually $30 and above. Examples here: https://www....


Is there any where to get Iphon 6S+ thats cheaper than apple store? No contracts