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Apple ones broke. Looking for < $100 3.5mm earphone/microphone to use on my computer for business calls. My computer mic doesn't work so need something. Mic quality important. Can't do bluetooth either.


looking to get a new bed for the spare bedroom, either a double or a queen... will need to get both mattress and box spring. frame too, or i could kijiji that. Any deals to be found in the london area?


don't want to be carrying a full laptop on tour overseas. so thought it would be easier and lighter to carry my ipad mini , but I need a keyboard for it that I can actually type on to do essay type documents.


I really need your help here, because I find the back to school deals horrible this year. I need a decent 15-inch laptop (for Office, browsing and media) in the $500-$600 range. Ideally a 1080p screen, but I guess a good 720p screen would do. I don't need a SSD drive, because I already have one, and...


Location: CANADA, Moncton, NB Wondering if anyone knows of any good deals on pop? Wedding coming up and looking to buy large amounts. Cheapest is costco so far for 11 dollars for 32x 355 ml. Walmart has 2L for 1.25 but still works out to costco being cheaper.


... or what they believe is the best provider for quality I'm currently with paying $40 before tax and $45.20 with tax The speed is 15/1 mbps 300 GB bandwith I need a service that provides either free dryloop, or beats the price if its extra I need atleast 15 mbps download ...


Hello everyone just looking in the market for a new laptop/tablet hybrid kinda thing I just wanna draw its a 2nd-ary laptop so i can travel around with and do some extra work and watch some vids during my commute to works since a 15inch computer is quite heavy to lug back and forth. So im looking fo...


looking to get a new bed for the spare bedroom, either a double or a queen... will need to get both mattress and box spring. frame too, or i could kijiji that. Any deals to be found in the london area?


Looking to get a decent first real bike for my kid. His first without training wheels. Needs to be one that can last at least two years and be good to teach him how to start biking on his own. Does it need to be either super cheap bbut hoping for good value- worried that going to Toys "R" Us or Cana...


looking to get a new bed for the spare bedroom, either a double or a queen... will need to get both mattress and box spring. frame too, or i could kijiji that. Any deals to be found in the london area?


I have rogers gigabit internet and tv bundle service now with a free NextBox 3.0 PVR, is there any way to replace the 3.0 PVR box to a NextBox 4K UHD box and add their 4K package for free for 12 month (from 13th month will be $10)?


Wondering if anyone has a BR welcome code for % off that I can use towards some BR shirts? I'm not sure if BR still sends out %OFF welcome codes.


Are there any "generally preferred" vendors/stores/brands, or do I just blindly feel around at Pacific mall and hope for the best? Not looking for anything super fancy - For those who know, something slightly better than the Panasonic units Goodlife gyms have + forearm massage feature would be nice....


Whats the best place to buy a mattress in Ottawa?


Hey everyone i lost my iPhone 7 EarPods and I'm looking for a replacement pair. They are 35 at the Apple Store. Is there any alternatives I can get for less?


I'm looking for the best deal for a Samsung DeX


Hello friends-could you please suggest cheaper BYOD Smartphone plans for 2 phones. Presently contract done with Bell and also looking to unlock and do not want to pay $50 per phone to Bell, any suggestions?. Looking for 2GB data with Unlimited calling. Thanks a lot.


Hey there, Looking at moving from Wind to Zoomer ($45/mo plan) and picking up the $399 (64/4) Honor 8, but I could also hold off for a while until Black Friday if the plans that are typically offered around then are worth it. I'm wondering if anyone recalls how good the Black Friday deals are for ca...


I am looking for Bose QC 35 or similar headphones for daily subway commute. Basically looking for comfortable over the ear Bluetooth headphones with minimum sound leak. Prefer to have active noise cancellation. Any coupons and/or suggestions are appreciated. Thank You!


a friend of mine is looking for this Playstation 3 bundle, new in box...its hard to find in stores and online. Please advise if you have any replies here, thanks. ... e-for-249/


Hello, I am looking for home internet service (only) with no contract in Burnaby BC. Please response below to send me a message. Thank you, Stan


Moving to a new condo, need a good deal on Sony XBR55X700D TV. Missed the boxing day deal... With the new Sony TV's arriving in the next 2 months, I imagine they will start clearing out the 2017 models... Any leads?


So I'm a Rogers customer paying 135$ a month for 7 gigs shared across two lines. I need a new phone but they want to gouge me for quite a bit more upping my second line from 30 to 55 even though I own the phone and want to up my plan to 130$ to get a new phone. So all in all They want me to pay more...


Any good deals for jack stands and a pneumatic jack that will make lifting the car easy to work on it? Looking to mainly invest in it for oil change and normal antifreeze drain + refill. Also I'm thinking of maybe checking the scrapyard for some steel wheels to put them under the tires as a safety, ...


Pm me with your # Thanks!


I'm taking a course and the location has been changed and flights are more expensive than when I booked. If anyone has a Westjet code they are not using, let me know. you can send me a message. Thanks


Why is this so hard to find at a reasonable price???


looking for a flat-screen monitor or tv under 150$ LCD or LED widescreen 20" to 25" I need VGA and would also like HDMI & composite don't need any built in speaker anyone have any leads? thanks rfd!!!


Looking for a good deal for an android box (for kodi) that has a 1000m connection but is around the $0 - $60


Is there a site other than canada unlocker? Need a telus phone unlocked for virgin. Don't know which one to trust