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I am tired of paying $5+ for lates, any good deal on Tassimo machines and supplies would be welcomed.


Someone is building me a gaming rig and I don't want to pay close to 200 bucks for Windows 10 PRO. Saw some 30 USD deals on eBay couple of days ago but when I went to get it today, they disappeared. What's the cheapest way I can get legal windows 10 pro for my machine? Tnx in advance

video games

Does anyone know where and when could I find a good deal (


Hi, The CNE 2016 is over now, and I happened to get one of those CNE 18 day pass from someone. I am wondering how I could obtain one for next year>? thanks


Any deals on massage chairs ? Thanks


Are there any deals going on for earbuds like the jaybirds for around $100? I know I just missed out on the amazing jaybirds deal not too long ago.


Anyone got any suggestions on good and affordable (


If you have an older $25 off the source code I would really appreciate if I could have it. before July, anywhere from January to June. Thank you!

ipad mini

don't want to be carrying a full laptop on tour overseas. so thought it would be easier and lighter to carry my ipad mini , but I need a keyboard for it that I can actually type on to do essay type documents.


Looking to buy some G12 AntiFreeze for VW Jetta. Where can i buy this in Vancouver? Thanks

home depot

Which is best bang for the buck out of these 5? Dewalt comes with a free 2.0 battery Milwaukee looks to have 3 tiers on sale Brushless,|affiliate|comm-junction||EN||||||11365101| ...


Missed the one from Costco for 48$ a year. Is there any other deal available?

playstation 4

Any colour.... Best Buy had them at $20.- off $61.- but I missed that. Does anyone else has them discounted?


Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone knows where I can find the best deal on an unlocked Note 8 in the GTA area? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi there, I searched the forums and didn't see any promotion for iphone 8 at all. It's flooded with iphone 7 deals though. I need an iphone 8 64GB on Koodo (Large tab doesn't matter...) The best deal I can find right now is $200 + $504 (large) = $704 + tax Have anybody else seen a lower price since ...


Hey all, Looking for a good deal on a black ink, laser printer. All in one would be great, faxing option would be good too. (Can you fax over the internet only?) Wireless would be a nice option


Hi , can anyone suggest a good mover who is not very expensive and is very reliable to move from scarborough to brampton.looking to move from one bedroom and den to basement.any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance .


Does anyone know a code to purchase cheaper ticket? Thanks

find a

I'm moving to my own place next week and need a new cookware set. I previously used cheap sets from Walmart but they kept breaking/had other problems. I'm ready to move up one notch (or two depending on what RFD advises). I already have a cast iron skillet and will be using an electric stove. I'm lo...

car seat

I'm looking for a car seat for 1 1/2 year old, 21 lbs & 30" tall. Will only be used occasionally when the girl comes to visit so I'm looking for something at a good price on sale. Tried Kijiji in Cornwall where I'm living right now - everything advertised there seem to be infant car seats


There are plenty of deals for 2.5" drives as well as a couple for expensive 6-8 TB 3.5" drives (shucking required), but are there deals on anything more affordable? I don't need a super gigantic drive at this time.


Looking for a durable collapsible picnic wagon. Let me know if anyone knows of place I can get one for reasonable price ($40-50?). Also, I wonder anyone has seen these go on sale on season end, if so, how much? for example: Your text to link here...


See topic. Thanks!

air canada coupon

Hey looking for a evoucher or code to purchase a flight in Dec on Air canada. Going to meet my GF and her family. Please and many thanks.


It looks like this and with a zipper for the back pocket, an ID card slot and a chain, I have searched pretty well online so not sure it exists.

led bulbs

Hi everyone, I am wondering what is the best place to get my led lights? No rush as I am not living in the dark, but I'd like to make the switch sooner rather than sooner. I like the color of incadescent light bulbs, so my understanding is that I am looking for 2700K and high CRI. Best,


... that are coming, so I want to be able to send like a signup code type of thing, if a person is single or not in a serious relationship, send them 1 ticket. If they're married, send 2 tickets. If it's my brother, send 5 tickets (because for him, I do want his kids in addition to his wife to come). ...


Not looking to spend $0.15 at the library per black/white page; I think that's a ridiculous price to pay coming from a government service. I have lots of pages to print from a document, and I'm too far from my last university to use my credits there. Can anybody suggest something a printing shop in ...


Anyone see a deal on a 2.1 soundbar? TV speakers suck and my main issue is I cannot hear the dialogue. I don't need it for music and don't want to deal with speaker wires etc. Thanks.


Any deals on one of these?