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Hey just wanted to know if there is a sub dedicated to Cogeco deals for Internet. Thanks.


Hello, Looking for some feedback regarding the nowadays standards and if there are any great deals out there? And anyway, is anti-virus still worth it? Thanks!


Hi, I'm looking for any advice to get a good rate with Good life Fitness


Hi - I am looking for a practice pad (plastic) that my son (8) can train on - I saw them at Costco last year but didn't buy and now I regret it (there should be a name for that Costco regret). I've seen them at places like Pro-Hockey Life but they seemed pretty pricey compared to what i remember the...

sport chek

Hi there! Looking for a $20 off $100 code that expires Oct,2018. If anyone has one, please respond! Thank you in advance!

canadian tire

I’m looking to renew my membership, but I can’t find a code anywhere. I usually pick up the gold membership when it’s $49.99 when it’s on sale, but I’ve yet to find a flyer listing these on sale. Calling the roadside assistance sales, they told me that if I have a coupon code that’s valid, they will...


My old white spikes for my Christmas lawn decorations are getting bent and worn. Can't seem to find any replacements sold separately. Was thinking of using tent pegs but some don't have the proper hooks and are too thick. Any ideas of where I could find some lawn ornament spikes? Doesn't have to be ...


My 10 year old a/v receiver an Yamaha rx-v663 is showing signs thats its about to go out and I wanted to start shopping for a new one. I was looking for a budget modern a/v receiver. What deals are out there these days and what should I be looking for in terms of technology?


Odd question, but my parents - Dad's 80 years old are headed down to Florida for 5 weeks and they would like to have some sort of cell phone service while down there . Mostly for emergency but also just to touch base with family back in Canada from time to time. Why am I having such a hard time find...


Budget of $400-600 . The projector will be used for teaching and presentations .


... they any good? I don't even have a receiver yet,which is another problem in itself but at least seem less subjective than speakers. 2.0, 3.0, 2.1, 5.1, do i go from 2 to 3 first or 2 to 2.1? I was honestly going to get the Polk S60 and go from there but i really don't know audio companies and ...


Looking for ski hill deals


Looking for a deal on Blackberry Key2 Thanks in advance )))


So last spirngs Microsoft fiasco on Dell XPS stock and an order I had cancelled twice, I got a $100 credit for my trouble. I was going to use it for a laptop for my daughter for her grad, but there has been no deal I could snag that was good as the XPS deal. We bought the deal at Costco on the Asus ...

find a

If I am pretty flexible in that I want to go somewhere in Europe from, say June 20 to August 15 for anywhere from 7 to 13 days, what's the best way to approach finding the cheapest ticket? The closest thing I see is Google Flights, but with that one, you have a 1 week ...

data plan

Looking for a deal on an Android Tablet and a data plan. I don't need much data (1gb?). Not too worried about the quality of the tablet, will only be used for light internet browsing. I missed out on the great deal in the Source last month and would love something similar. I am in BC if that helps. ...


Hey everyone, I've been quite long time waiting for a good deal on JBL 3.1 but it's been ages without a good deal. shopping.png Does anybody is aware of a good promo or has some other suggestion as good or equivalent to this set? Link from ...


I've searched around and seen some expired deals on it, anything still active that you would recommend?


Hello, I am starting an internship soon. Is there a place where I can get affordable & comfortable suits? I'm willing to spend at most $300 per suit. Thanks!


If anyone has a coupon available from Bed Bath and Beyond via their email or cell, and they are not using it, it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, I know nothing about BBQs. I just want something good enough for my deck that can cook food for up to 4-6 adults, something with a temperature gauge. Can anyone recommend a good brand? I see cheap ones at Canadian Tire but don't know if they are good (e.g. Master Chef, Cusinart, Napoleon) or Hom...


Yeah, for jury duty. Looking for parking preferably underground for full day, where I don't have to leave my car keys, max 10 minutes walk because I don't want to be late.


I'm looking for a smart watch mainly for notifications. I'm using an Android phone. I also want Emoji's to appear and have a decent 7 day battery life. I'm coming from an Amazfit Bip which the battery life is amazing, but emoticon support is so-so. I added the emoji font and it helps but still prett...


Hi! We are looking for a cell phone for my in laws. They currently have a ZenFone 3 Laser (never again a ZenFone). Huawei P20 is at a ok price at Koodo (360$+tx = 414), but I was wondering if there's alternative phones a little cheaper? - Fingerprint - Performance like the P20 - Ok for photo. No nee...


Hi! We are looking for a cell phone for my in laws. They currently have a ZenFone 3 Laser (never again a ZenFone). Huawei P20 is at a ok price at Koodo (360$+tx = 414), but I was wondering if there's alternative phones a little cheaper? - Fingerprint - Performance like the P20 - Ok for photo. No nee...

credit card

hi all Are there any 0% interest credit card transfer promos out there?


dont like the 3rd gen ones anyone know where 2nd gen ones are for sale?


Hi I'm looking into buying a Xiao Mi S box in Canada and I can't find a retailer for it. Where did you guys buy yours? Aliexpress? Thanks!

windows 10

Hi guys, I need a Windows 10 Pro license/Key for my computer (it has no previous windows). I know there's a lot on eBay for pretty cheap. I was just wondering, if anyone knew a reputation/reliable source/place to get it from? Thank you all in advance for you advice/suggestions, - Budha


Looking to find something in the $300-$400 price band at I currently have a laptop I need to give back that is about 10yrs old - E420 Thinkpad i3-2350M Q4'11 2.3ghz, Intel HD Graphics 3000 64 Bit Windows 7 Pro 4GB Ram 320GB HDD (280GB available) 14inch 1.4 thick 4.6lbs Hoping ...