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Hello, I need to replace my current TV, which was a 50in plasma from samsung that i bought over 10 years ago. Ideally if i can find something under 1k close to 800$ more or less that would be great, but I could go up to 1.2k for exceptional deals, if it is worth the extra ...


Hey all, Looking to place a big order of Kallax shelves for my vinyl record collection. Besides the amount in my basket (close to $600), IKEA will not ship for free to my place since I am not close to a store. I have the option of paying $59 to have it shipped to a local depot or pay $169 or whateve...


Hello, I need to replace my current TV, which was a 50in plasma from samsung that i bought over 10 years ago. Ideally if i can find something under 1k close to 800$ more or less that would be great, but I could go up to 1.2k for exceptional deals, if it is worth the extra ...


looking for a flat-screen monitor or tv under 150$ LCD or LED widescreen 20" to 25" I need VGA and would also like HDMI & composite don't need any built in speaker anyone have any leads? thanks rfd!!!


As the subject heading says. What do you think is best also for the Storage amount in one of these? Thanks!


So it looks like Winter is wrapping up... Are there any deals or places to look for, for these end of season Winter Parkas? Canada Goose Knuckles North Nobis Moose Mackage Face etc


Does any one have the promo code to enter in the app for 5$ off uber in ottawa?


Is the best deal right now the iPad 6th gen from Walmart in the US for 250 USD (~340 CAD)? Any downsides to getting an iPad from the States compared to here?


They were having a pretty ok deal on the LG C8’s they were going for 3,600 for 65”, and now it jumped to unreasonable $4,100, and everywhere... It’s very much so on sale in the US, but not in Canada anymore, which is just ridiculous... it was a very reasonable price. Now it jumped to $4,100 which is...

a new

My ins needs r 2 houses, and an atv. My provider is johnson/unifund. Had house issues to deal with, and everytime i phoned it had a 30-60 hold time. I had back and forth at least 12 times. Life is too short. Argh. Moving forward, their poor service has lost my business. But were to move to?


Hi all friend i am looking for Xbox for my kids, don't know anything about either Xbox or PS4. can you all friend guide me and see if this on sale or in discount. thanks in advanced.


So my son has been saving up for one of thse for awhile, and his birthday is coming up soon. I will admit I know nothing about them. EB game sells just the headset and camera, but out of stock. In fact stock seems to be hard to find even with some bundles. What deals are out there, while a bundle wi...


Hi RFDers, I'm looking for a deal on a computer for a friend's parents. They're looking for either a laptop with an external monitor (maybe 24" or so) and keyboard/mouse or a desktop with a monitor/keyboard/mouse. Specifically a Windows machine and something they can just pick up (ie not build a mac...


I have been searching for deals on NVME storage but anything I find is limited to the USA. It seems to be all regular prices up here in Canada. Looking to upgrade a macbook's storage. I have the adapter ready to go. Any decent deals would be appreciated!


Our complex (Burnaby, BC) just got wired up for Telus Pure Fibre up to 1gbps symmetrical. I am on Shaw 300 contract until November 2020. Are there any inducements or options? Could Shaw do anything? Or do I just ride out slow internet until then?


Hi, I know nothing about BBQs. I just want something good enough for my deck that can cook food for up to 4-6 adults, something with a temperature gauge. Can anyone recommend a good brand? I see cheap ones at Canadian Tire but don't know if they are good (e.g. Master Chef, Cusinart, Napoleon) or Hom...


Hi, I am looking for Cineplex buy 1 get 1 ticket promotion. Does anyone have the code for this offer? Thank you in advance.

hard drive

Looking for a hard drive for my Plex server ( guess I i don’t need a nas for now) Looking for 8 TB minimum Thanks


I may need to replace my monitor- not used for games or movies. Previous one had an HDMI cable


Hi, My old Samsung SCX 4623F died, so I'm looking to a good multi printer. RFD had a thread about 'Rebuilt Multifonction laser Brother DCP-L2550DW but it is now 'Out of stock' ... So if you know a good 'sale' let me know... Thank's

good deal

Hello friends, I am looking for best deal for Samsung Note 9 with 2 years plan with unlimited calling. approx 8 GB data and some international minutes if possible. Can you suggest any provider with the plan. I am in Manitoba

air canada

Taking the family to Greece. Would appreciate a promo code for the current Air Canada vacation promo. Thank you very much.


I'm looking for a smart watch mainly for notifications. I'm using an Android phone. I also want Emoji's to appear and have a decent 7 day battery life. I'm coming from an Amazfit Bip which the battery life is amazing, but emoticon support is so-so. I added the emoji font and it helps but still prett...


Hi! We are looking for a cell phone for my in laws. They currently have a ZenFone 3 Laser (never again a ZenFone). Huawei P20 is at a ok price at Koodo (360$+tx = 414), but I was wondering if there's alternative phones a little cheaper? - Fingerprint - Performance like the P20 - Ok for photo. No nee...


I'm having my stag on July 5. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for places to ask for free giveaways to use for the event. I know this is a long shot, just thought I'd ask in case any of you have ideas to share. Thanks in advance!


Got to connect this RBC iPad to TV - looking for for an adapter for same. Suggestions? Solutions? I am in GTA

where to buy

like this one hd-fire-blanket-10-a-1380338/ Staples has some large heavy duty ones over $100 but I'm looking for a small one to throw over a stove fire (just in case) ...

good deals

Looking for a newer i5 / i7 8th generation laptop with 8-16 GB ram. ( 13-15 inch screen) Any deals anyone knows of?

the best

I've searched around and seen some expired deals on it, anything still active that you would recommend?


Hello: I'm looking for special price on tickets to Amsterdam round trip from Toronto leaving last week of May and returning middle of june. thanks, Lola