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light bulbs

I've got a LED grow set up in the basement, but got thinking it might be an idea to swap out the bulbs in the pot lights in the kitchen I know there are tons available from gear best, amazon etc, but I'm only interested in approved bulbs (home insurance paranoid :) ) Side note, how is Amazon able to...


Can anyone recommend a good Duvet deal at the Bay or anywhere else? I see TheBay has a whole bunch at 50% off this week....


where can I shop for a good price?

gaming desktop

I'm clueless when it comes to building from components, and the GPU prices now are just nuts. Appreciate any recos to get the best PC for the best value! OR if you'd suggest i wait for another time of year to get better deals. Thanks!


Costco often has a sale but not atm and I need to buy 500$ GC. Any idea where I could get at a discount

bell satellite

Looking to sign up for a television package. Only Bell Satellite or Cogeco in my area. No Fibe or Rogers. PM me if you're a reseller. Looking to hook up two televisions with a decent sports package (TSN and Sportsnet One). Thanks!

valentines day

What are the best deals? Looking for the lowest cost delivered dozen roses within the GTA.


Looking for a deal, after Christmas could be had for just under 500$

xbox live gold

Where can I find the best deal on an Xbox live 12 month subscription? Should I just go Amazon ($79.99), or does someone have a site that legally sells codes for a lower price? Ebay seems to have decent deals, ($63.19), but if anyone has a better/cheaper source please let me know.

phone deal

Im with MTS right now. Im looking for unlimited data which is a must. let me know what you have to offer


Looking for a nice fitted overcoat for my son. Where would you look? He’s a men’s small and would love something with “Sherlock” type styling. We will go as far as Vaughan/Newmarket from Muskoka. We could go to Toronto as well if it was necessary. Any hints would be great!!


Horrified to call rogers and the most inexpensive deal they have at the moment is $25/month for 300 mins and 50 text message - 50! Saw the Rogers pay as you go went from $120 year to $180 - any other options? Thank you : )

wireless plan

Horrified to call rogers and the most inexpensive deal they have at the moment is $25/month for 300 mins and 50 text message - 50! Saw the Rogers pay as you go went from $120 year to $180 - any other options? Thank you : )


Hey guys, I've been looking around for a 128gb micro SD for a bit and came upon the [removed] Patriot LX Series 128GB Micro SDXC[/url] on Amazon. It's on sale right now for $44.37 and based on camel it looks like it's the lowest price it has ...


So my parents need a new furnace. They are in the GTA with their current one about 12-15 years old and on its last legs. It will not last for another winter, this being the last. Can anyone please recommend a good furnace that comes with a good warranty length on parts and labor, and if any pros and...


Hey y'all, I have a Redmi Note 4X, and I damaged the digitizer last year. Xiaomi support was thoroughly useless and do not sell parts online or direct to consumers, so I ordered a replacement screen assembly on AliExpress. It's fine, but it's nowhere near the same quality as the original screen. Doe...


My daughter needs to buy and ipad pro 12.9 and pencil for artwork, prices currently are ~$1050 (64gb) and $129. Should she bite now, or wait for an impending price drop that I am unaware of?


Hello! I am looking for a $40 coupon for under Armor - if anyone has an extra coupon code, that would be awesome. Thanks


Hi there, anybody know where I can get cheap workout hoodies? Wanted to buy at least 10 to lessen laundry frequency. Thanks


Looking to rent a cargo van for a move, what are my best options? Is U-Haul the best bang for my buck?


I need 50 pieces for two windows.

hot water tank

Can anyone recommend a licensed installer?


looking to buy a laptop for mothers day. her needs are basically a longer battery life, lighter, and 13+ inches. looking to spend less than $900 before taxes. any recommendations or deals would be great


... a lot and so I'm looking for a credit card that will lower some of my expenses while abroad. Specifically looking for a card that at least offers: 1) Low foreign exchange rates (right now my card has a 2.5% fee on all purchases in a foreign currency) 2) Has liability coverage for car rentals including ...


Where do you get your 2032 batteries ❓ ? I have devices that use multiple CR2032 batteries. I can't find a great place to buy them in Canada. ie: Walmart 10 pack for $CDN40($4each) . vs. Digi-Key(US Country/Region) Digi-Key 10 pack for $US2.63*(26 cents each) *but the got-cha is Digi-Key moves you ...


Looking to get a 75" TV with surround speakers. Currently have receiver + 2 bookshelfs and a centre. Would like to get tv mounted and wall/ceiling speakers with wiring done behind walls. anyone know a good service company in toronto that can do this. edit: please move out of hot deals forum.

honda civic

I’m looking for a good dealership to pick up a 2018 civic ex anyone have good experiences at a dealership they recommend?


... and stores have moved. Where can I get these gloves at a decent price?? Checked around with an asian restaurant supplier; they want $26/12 pack or $12 single pair.. WTF?? I question the price they just said "different brand". But they look identical. I believe the origin is Malaysia ...


Happy to spend up to $5k. Looking for a hot deal on a high quality TV. Is something like this a good deal? ... 24493.aspx?


Looking for a GREAT deal on something like that : Logitech G810 RGB Logitech G910 RGB Logitech G Pro Corsair K65 Compact RGB Corsair K70 LUX RGB Corsair K70 RGB RapidFire Corsair K70 LUX RedLit Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 Thanks !