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looking for the aliexpress version of the Staples copy and print shop, for quick one-off jobs. I do'nt mind if it takes 2-3 weeks to come in the mail


Hello - would anyone be kind enough to direct me to a place in the GTA where I could purchase cheap metal folding chairs. I see Canadian Tire has them for $10.99 starting tomorrow, but I'm looking for cheaper. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

saving money

Hi, I am a student and will be living on my own for about 2 months. I do not have a lot of time to cook. How can I save money on meals? Thanks!

smart lock ... l/12355942 Is Best Buy the best deal right now at $299?

cell phones

I am looking for a deal on a cell phone for my Dad and want to spend $400 or less. I don't want to go via the Koodo sign up and cancel as that would be too much of a hassle. I do want a manufacture warranty and that removes any US or private seller. Also, a return policy would be nice in case he wan...


I need a TV for my basement, size 42" to 55" are all good. Is there any deal this week or next week? Need to pay a purchase before July 20th.


my son has outgrown his baby sunglasses, needs something bigger. I'm looking for something in between wal-mart grade and fashion grade.

google play

I've got way more credits than I know what to do with for the Play store, from promos, surveys, etc. Is there any good way to cash this out for something other than digital goods, which I don't need enough of to be able to use up my ever-increasing credits? Anything like a gift card, or somehow gett...

ipod touch 32gb 2nd gen

This thing is $399.99 everywhere. All I can think of is to use a $20 off $150 at Staples to bring it to $379.99. You can't stack those coupons anymore so this is the best I can come up with. Anyone know of a better deal?

dvd+r dl

... told that Verbatim DVD+R DL's go on sale for 50% off or more sometimes. If anyone sees these go on sale for a good price (doesn't matter if it's a 10, 20, 25, 30, 50, or a 100 pack - as long as they're around $1 per disc), I would be very grateful! I also don't mind if the deal is online, in-store, ...


Hi all, Last year I organized a group purchase of 90 Pioneer Elite/Signature KURO plasma televisions for RFDer's from across Canada. I'm still getting calls from people who missed out on that deal. So for all those who missed out last year, I have arranged for a group discount on Pioneer plasmas as ...


Anyone know what is considered an excellent price on these TVs? Futureshop has the W4100 for $1699+tax and I've found a place that will PM the W140 for $1699+tax However, since im not in a rush to buy a TV I wasn't sure if I should jump on it or wait it out and see how much it will drop in the near ...

queen size

Guys, I am looking for a Queen Bed and Mattress deal. If you know of any store where I can find the bed deal then let me know.


Hi! I just bought a membership at my local indoors tanning salon. I am looking for a reputable online store to buy tanning lotion and supplies from. I will mainly want to buy tanning lotion and protective goggles. Can anyone recommend a good online store? The local salons here overprice their stuff ...

htc diamond

The extUSB head of the USB cable that came with my HTC Touch Diamond is starting to separate from the cable. Right now, I glued it together but I am looking to replace this broken cable with another HTC cable. I already tried using a regular mini USB cable in case anyone is wondering but it doesn't ...


Trying to find a good deal on a Nikon D90 with the 18mm-105mm VR lens. Preferably in the Vancouver area to avoid shipping. Best price I can find locally is $1369.98 at Londondrugs on an unadvertised "Manager's Special". Know of any better prices or any coupon codes? Thanks!


Hi im looking to buy the itouch but Im not willing to buy it at FS's current price: $299. Do you know where I can get a good deal ? thanks


So I'm looking for an HD video capable Netbook that can do light gaming or older games like F.E.A.R., C&C Generals, etc. I require HDMI out and 10" or larger screen. I really like those Asus N10J line as it has both an nVidia 9300M GS & integrated Intel graphic chips but I prefer to spend $600 ...

dual layer

Im looking to grab some good quality dual layer dvd's. The best price I see so far is ... =M200-1242 from TigerDirect but shipping is $20. Anyone know of a cheeper location?

bell canada

I'm looking for a deal for a cheap portable internet. The only one companies I know that has portable is rogers and bell. anyone know another company or maybe a deal on portable net. if not i'm gona have to get roger's portable which is 30$ a month and 99$ for the modem...


any cheap ones out there? Like Under $100 that are half decent

wii console

Need a Wii for a christmas present. whats an excellent price for a brand new wii? and also whats the best deal going on right now?should i wait till december for a better deal? hehe, thx for any and all responses

blu ray player

looking for a good DVD player/Blu Ray Player. any suggestions on the why or where?


I'm just wondering if anyone is aware of any current deals on an air compressor with or without a nailer, paint sprayer and accessories. It doesn't have to be professional grade as I'm just using it to nail some baseboards and do some painting inside/outside the house but it should be powerful enoug...


I have an LG tv (32lh30) which only has optical output for audio. I am trying to connect it to my speaker system which only has aux in or rca which is analog. Where can i buy an adapter to do this? So far the only product i came across that can do this is


-Looking to find a UPS Battery Backup device for my server. -Wherever I can buy it please haha -Between $100-$180.00 for a good backup If anybody knows a good deal, please let me know. Thank you!

digital photo frame



Hey guys, I want to pick up a Sandisk Sansa MP3 player (pretty much anyone with an expandable slot). The cheapest ones that I have seen so far are the refurbished ones @ TigerDirect ( ) The last Sandisk I bought was...


Hi, I'm wondering if any of you fine folks might know of any deals on projector bulbs. I've got a Optoma TS400 DLP - it takes 200W UHP bulbs, which cost about as much as a decent TV to replace


Hi, I'm looking for a place to get argon gas in the GTA (preferablly Markham)for welding. Anyone know of any places?