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engagement rings

Hi gang, I'm in the market for either a complete engagement ring, or just a standalone diamond, then having a ring made by a jeweller. Are there any great places to buy diamonds, ideally for well below appraised value? I'm looking in Victoria, or online in Canada. Also, is this an item that would be...


Hi guys, hit me! I'm looking for something really big I've got a 50" at home, couple years old and looking for something new, I'd consider projectors but i have no idea where to even start on that one. Need help!


hello all, i was wondering if anyone was able to get ebates rebate PLUS the 20% off for TD customers on TurboTax software online? thanks...just looking to save every penny, as I'm sure i'll need to pay yet again this year!!! thanks for your help.


My mom recently purchased a plan from mobilicity but is now looking for a device. She has a basic plan with no data but she wants a smartphone to use when connected to WiFi. Any suggestions? Thanks


Hi guys, I want to gift a friend (that doesn't believe in TV) a cheap TV. I want to get them the CHEAPEST HDTV that supports ATSC. The plan is to give them a TV and Antenna, and let them enjoy the PanAm games on CBC this summer. You guessed it. This is for a Senior Citizen that thinks Rogers will su...


I've been using a US based site who imports here to Canada. Recently I've had some bad experiences with them so i'm looking for a new source for tobacco. Anyone have any experience purchasing either from Canada or the states?


I am looking to do interlocking. I found a good price for "screening" gravel. I was originally going to get gravel but told I will need "screening". It's just a small job I am going to do myself. $28 a ton for screening. I was told $50 for delivery. I live in the GTA. Is that a good price?

discount admission

Other than the $5 discount of entry before 10am (trying to get a teenager out of bed before 11 isn't worth the $10 we'd save), are there any known deals for passes for the Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto? Specifically for a Saturday visit if that matters.

the brick

I'm in the market for a sectional sofa, basically because it's going in my basement, and I can't fit a 3 seater couch down the stairs :-S We currently have 2 loveseats, which technically works, but it's not nearly as comfortable as I can imagine a sectional being. Snuggle time for the wife and I isn...

help a newbie

This is my first time posting so here it goes. I was looking for a micro SDXC for a netbook. after browsing a few sites i found what appears to be the same item from multiple sites. [IMG][/IMG] TigerDirect (91$) http://www.tigerdirect...

propane tank

Time to get a new propane tank for my BBQ and looking for the best price. Cheapest I've found around here is $31.99 at Reno depot and Rona. Home Depot only sells them filled for over $60.

32 inch

Looking to help my father get a new tv for his bedroom. He isnt a tv nut but was looking to get a smart tv to possibly use netflix, etc. Are there any TV's out there right now that are good bang for buck? Would prefer 1080p, but is it a massive difference on a 32" screen? Doesn't have to be top of t...


looking for a deal on Torguard VPN.

usb cable

I know this topic has been discussed a few times, but just wondering where everyone is buying their Lightning to USB Cables these days? The ones I've been buying keep breaking or stop working, and now I need a reliable source so I can buy a few to stash away.


... is next Monday and none of the new flyers have specials on Turkey. Do people not eat Turkey for Thanksgiving anymore? Wal-Mart has the same $10-$15-$20 turkey promo they had last week (which is pretty useless unless you shop at 8:00 AM). The store in my area only puts out a few and they're ...


hey all, i am looking for mobility plan that gives me unlimited canada, no contract / data atleast 2gb, reside in alberta...what are my best bet? i hear wind is no good, does pcmobile comes as contract or no contract? pls advise

banana republic coupon

Does anyone have any coupons for Banana Republic and Club Monaco?

rustproofing car

Looking for a deal on rustproofing. Preferably in the west island montreal.


I'm looking at buying a new android phone for use on Wind, and will be making a trip to the US soon. Anyone know of some hot deals on some good midrange phones in the US? I'm currently looking at the Moto x Play, Nexus 5X, or Nexus 6p from Wind, and I get a $150 tab if I choose to purchase from Wind...


Bought my last GPU in 2010, I think its time for an upgrade. I have settled on either the MSI or Gigabyte GTX 960 (based on overclocking results I have seen others achieve). My budget is around $200-$250. These are the cards, both are $235 after rebates: MSI -

star wars



Costco has this item, in-warehouse, any time for $169.99. I need to buy two for gifts. I'm sure there's better deals to be had.. Big thanks in advance if anyone finds one, I'm subscribing to the thread Cheers and Merry Christmas folks!


Hi I've been shopping around for a high quality Queen size mattress that's a bargain. Not quite sure what type of material is best but I prefer a firm top and I really don't need the box. I'd like to find something in the price range of $350-500 which is a little hard to do. I'm really disappointed ...


I currently have Koodo, $29 for 300 daytime minutes, no data. I usually don't use that many minutes, but it would be nice to have more mins. I appreciate the VM, the int'l texts, which Koodo provides. An acquaintance of mine, also in Ontario, got $38 for 500 daytime minutes plus 500MB data per month...


I'm mostly looking for a resort that includes having winter activities to do preferably in January. Dog sleigh riding is also preferred but I know that is pretty limited. Also looking for anyone who knows any good places to visit for good deals on getaways in general. We would mostly like to go up N...

steel toe

Hey guys I'm looking for a good pair of steel toe boots at a really good price. Should cover ankles at least. Since its winter I might as well look for some thinsulated ones that are warm. Any thoughts? Please let me know when you come across a good deal. Thank you!

solid state drive

I can never find a decent deal on mSATA SSDs, most are 79.99 +. Any chance we'll see them drop to $50 - $60ish on Boxing day?

solid state disk

I can never find a decent deal on mSATA SSDs, most are 79.99 +. Any chance we'll see them drop to $50 - $60ish on Boxing day?


Hi. I am looking to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S4 from Cityfone (so I am guessing Rogers database) for a good price. Thank you in advance.

galaxy s4

Hi. I am looking to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S4 from Cityfone (so I am guessing Rogers database) for a good price. Thank you in advance.