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Does anyone know if there are any Costco's in Calgary still selling Stampede Bucks? Where are they located in the store? I've been to the one on Sarcee and the one in the south and and cannot find them. I hope they're not sold out. TIA!


Looking for an Oral-b Professional Care 1000, nice deals in the states with a $20 rebate but nothing in Canada! Much appreciated.


Hey guys, So it's my first time going to Cuba and I was wondering where I would find and buy some decent snorkel gears (the mask/snorkel and fins would be great if it was together). I've checked at Costco, but they had some pretty bad reviews unfortunately (it was the U.S. Divers brand). I saw it as...


Been collecting these since I was a kid wondering if anyone knows any deals or any place to get them cheaper than chapters as they are roughly $17.50+tax a pop. I see that chapters online is cheaper than in store will chapters PM? Or is getting their member card worth it? Thanks ex: http://www.chapt...

xbox 360 console

I'm looking to buy an Xbox 360 Console. To date, the best deal I have found is this: ... c45148en02 I'm wondering if there are any other deals, current or future, that anyone is aware of. Thanks


hi everyone, I'm looking for an home theater, onkyo HT-S5400 or HT-S5500, can you help me to find deals, I am from quebec, canada. Thank you


I am looking to buy some cheap alcohol in bulk in Toronto specifically, but willing to go within 50-100km to get it if it is really worth it. Let me know if you guys know any good deals of where I can get stuff. I am not looking for wine, or beer, bcuz I know you can make that stuff for cheap, I am ...


Hello everyone! My boyfriend's birthday is coming up mid-September and I noticed he's out of his favourite cologne, Calvin Klein's Eternity for Men. I searched around for deals/sales on the cologne but haven't been able to find anything so far. I would prefer a gift set with cologne, after shave, et...

air canada centre

If anyone has a pre-sale code for the Green Day concert in Toronto on Jan 29 that can share the code with me.

laundry pair

Hello RFD Community! I am currently reno-ing our home and doing our laundry room. I'm looking to get a new pair of washer and dryer. The search is overwhelming as I don't even know where to begin. The costs range from $900 - over $2500 per pair! My budget is about $1200 - $1500. I'm not looking for ...

nintendo wii

I've finally decided to pick up a Wii, since I want something my wife and I can play together. I'd also like to get my kid started on the classics (going to mod it and put an NES/SNES emulator on it, can't wait!). What's the best deal currently for the Wii system? I've seen them for around $149 at m...

wall mount

Hello all, I'm looking for someone who can do an installation of a TV Wall mount in Toronto. I am in a condo, and don't really want to risk messing anything up. I already have the bracket, i just need some suggestions on people or companies you may have used that can do a good job at a great price. ...


Where can I buy ugly Christmas sweaters at a decent price, shipped to Canada? Looking to spend $30-60? Thanks

range hood

Not looking for anything too fancy.. I see the basic models at Home depot range between $100-$200 (majority being GE). First time range hood buyer and I wonder whether there is better places to shop other than the Home Depot and Rona's. TIA

mini pc

Hi, Im looking for a small PC to do most of the basic things. I was looking at: ... _id=046942. If anyone could help me with a good PC deal... or maybe I should wait for black friday weekend ?


I am looking for a very warm winter jacket as I live in Ottawa. I am a delivery driver at a very busy place and spend a lot of time outside or in my car and need a jacket that is warm and lightweight and comfortable since I am kind of a big guy 220lbs and frequently have to get in and out of a car. ...


Where can I get wooden or plastic hangers for cheap in bulk? Located in Toronto


so I'm ditching my rogers internet and cable because of some recent bad service (was a customer for over 8 years)...anyway not sure I need cable but definitely need internet for the house anyone have any good suggestions? (bell teksavy?) I live in london ontario need likely approx50-100gb/month thanks


I am looking for a bed either Queen or King and a matress as well. The bed has to have the back/head rest thing so that I can watch TV comfortabally on my bed. Also the bed has to be long enough that I can easily fit length wise as I am 6ft and my current Twin bed has my legs hanging out of the bed....


Looking for the above trimmer or equivalent. Under $30.

prescription glasses

Hi there, Anyone know of a place where I can purchase prescription swim goggles that allow for a different prescriptions for each eye? Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


I am looking for Time Crisis: Razing storm for the PS3. I am willing to offer $25 (shipped to Victoria). The game has been out for almost 3 years. If you would like to sell a copy let me know. Thanks for looking Link to the game

car accessories

Anyone have any magazines they are done with? or can you point me in a direction on where to get? Much thanks


As the title states, I'm looking for a powerline networking kit. Ideally, one of the points should have more than 1 ethernet port built in, and it should be fast. If I can find 500 Mbps for cheap, that would be awesome, although, I think that 200 Mbps should suffice for high bitrate ...


So Ive read that having traditional Waterpik irrigator is better than a portable one because of mileage. What else should one consider when preparing to get one? Also would appreciate if any RFD vets would point towards some good deal for the same.


My wife and I have been together for nearly 16 years, so we both know that Valentine's Day doesn't really mean much anymore :-D However, I would still like to treat her to some flowers... just not $50 for a dozen (especially since it will coming out of our joint account lol). Does anyone know of any...

corporate discount

Hi everyone, There was a thread a while ago with the 2013 Canadas Wonderland Discount codes for RBC employees, BMO, etc etc. I can't seem to find it anymore and my bookmark link doesn't work. did it get removed? thanks for any help!


I've been searching far and wide for the 3DS XL Nerf Armor,I've looked at brick and mortar EB Games Microplay Entertainment World(Formerly Nintendo World) Futureshop and Best Buy online available) + S&H from jank sellers) videogamesplus(only has PINK 3ds XL armor other c...


Hi, Just trying to figure out if this is a good deal-Sharp Aquos 52" 1080p 120 Hz Smart TV for $997.98 ( ) and if I can do any better elsewhere. I am going t...

high chair

Hello! Does anyone know where I can find the cheapest Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair for sale. Almost all the online stores that I visited are selling them @ $299! Thanks!