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Hey looking for a deal on a good 40 in 4k tv. I want true hdr and all that stuff for future content and ps4 pro. Thanks!


Thanks in advance


Would it be possible to do it under $1000? travel date is March 19th to April 2nd. .Looking to do all these three destinations in two weeks: Taiwan -Osaka and Toyko...


Title says all. I need the best deal for some 6ft and/or 10ft nylon braided android charger cables. I need strong cables that will last a long time !


Hi All, If there is any good Lindt or chocolate deals can you please let me know. thanks in advance.


This use to be a big thing, where you could get 10% off the cover price or so at various stores, like Wal-Mart. Anyone know what retailer still offers discounts on magazines?


Does anybody know any way to get a discount on single-day Disneyland tickets in California? Anywhere to purchase discounted disney gift cards or something along the lines of that? Tight on budget so please help. Thanks!

call of duty

Any deals out there like black friday had ($79.99) ? On Xbox Thanks

canon dslr

Hey all, I don't really know what to buy here, but I know that my girlfriend wants one of these for Christmas. Any suggestions on what to buy and where would be appreciated!


The leather covering is rotting off. Bought a set of replacement ear pad cushions but the foam base was too soft so they won't tightly fit into the headphone and falls out at the slightest touch. Any recommendations on replacements that are reasonably priced (ie. below$20)? Thanks in advance.

lava lamp

hey , any one know where i can purchase a good quality lava lamp in toronto? thanks in advance for responses/tips


I want to buy my boyfriend an unlocked phone for Christmas. My budget is $100-$200. There seems to be too many phones in this range and I know nothing about what makes a good phone. Right now he has a cheap Samsung (don't know which model), which freezes everytime he uses wifi, so he pretty much avo...


Hi, I am looking for a deal where I can get an msata reliable SSD for under 150$, should be at least 500GB.


This is what i'm looking for: ... -_-1678763 The reason I want it in store is because I want to go on a ski trip for Christmas; figure it won't be delivered before then. TIA

ps4 deal

Hi, need help tracking down a deal i found previously. It was for the ps4 uncharted bundle. It was 329.99 + a free PS+ membership for a year. The only thing I remember for sure is that the promo ends December 22. Anyone by any chance see a deal like that? Thanks

air pump

Looking for an Air Pump for my fish tank. Also some air hose. Free local pickup in Scarborough. Thanks!


Looking to buy a new LGA1151 Socket motherboard to fit my soon to be arriving Intel I7-6700k. Any idea as to which motherboards might be going on sale for boxing day?


windows tablet under $400 Hi, Is there a deal for a windows based tablet under C$400? I am looking for a non-refurbished. Thanks.

windows tablet

windows tablet under $400 Hi, Is there a deal for a windows based tablet under C$400? I am looking for a non-refurbished. Thanks.

magic bullet

Hello everybody and Merry X-mas. If anybody finds sales for Magic bullet please let me know.


any good deals on the Ecobee 3?

standing desk

Hi, I hardly ever post a thread, let alone a request one, but I really needed help on this one. Anyone know where I can get a standing desk chair that's not a bar stool for cheap (


Something like the the mini's that are around $43 I like to have quick shipping so that i can buy a single one to see the quality and then I want to buy 50 or more.


Don't really understand why tank tops are so much more than t-shirts when they're the same thing but w/ less fabric.


Hi there, Looking to switch over from shaw and looking for a bundle with telus, any response would be appreciated. Thanks


I got the Jabra Move Bluetooth headphones but they are on-ear and don't fold up for travel. As well, they come with a TRS cable, not a TRSS cable with mic. I see the Sony MDR-XB950BT are on sale all over the place. Should I go with those or are there any other deals I should check out?


Looking for a good deal on either the Lenovo M700 Tiny or the HP Elitedesk G2 with either a 6th Gen I5 or I7. Best I've been able to find is a newegg I5 box at $600 (with free shipping I believe). Ideally, would like to find something $500 or less. My fav of these two is the Lenovo, but beside the H...


Looking to add wifi to a new machine (well, refurb machine) that I got from Dell. Any suggestions for a good (ie strong signal) usb adapter or even PCI card? There are so many options on Amazon/Ebay/etc. I would probably like to order off amazon vs. waiting for something to come from China for this ...


Anyone know of any good deals for snow shovels. I need one that's for pushing and one that's for scooping Also need an ice scrapper.

all season tires

Are there any promos for All Season Tires going on right now anywhere?