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hudsons bay

The bay has a 15% off promotion for Hudson's Bay credict card users today. Would like to order something but don't have a HBC card. Anyone has a HBC card and is willing to place an order for me? Thanks!

Decided to buy from but need any form of coupons because these items not on sale. Anyone know walmart give coupon for matress or home stuff I need to buy tomorrow.

patio set

We just finished having our new patio installed after our old one got destroyed when adding an addition to the house last year, prior to moving out for that I sold our old patio set because I didn't want to store it. I thought for sure they would all be on seasonal clearance by now but I'm having no...

no fee

I am a sole proprietor, and I despise the idea of paying banks for the privilege of holding my money (and making more off of it.) I'm looking for any banks/credit unions in Greater Vancouver that offer a good no-fee or waived fee accounts for business banking. Criteria (per month): 30+ inbound trans...


They sell for about $200 with tax includes at the university. I felt it was too pricey. Anywhere i can get them for cheaper?


Can anyone recommend me a good steam iron My Black and Decter purchased from CT died after 5 years of service Looking for a good one

3 in 1

... house so I don't want to drill holes to wall mount the tv so I'm looking for one like this: Looking to pay under $150. Prefer to have 3 shelves left. Best buy had one on sale a ...

cheap android

My Minix bit the dust a couple of weeks ago. Looking for a good cheap replacement around 50-60 bucks . Any thoughts? Hoping one with 2GB RAM. Thanks


Looking for best offer on Philips Hue starter kit white and color


I'm looking for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip. Anyone know of Shoppers Drug Mart stores in Downtown Toronto that sell Switch accessories generally? I'll phone them and find out if they have any stock. For the record it looks like this:


Anyone seen them being sold in and around TO?


If anybody has one for me I would be much obliged

raspberry pi 3

Looking for another one of these great gadgets. Has anyone seen one on sale recently? The Microsoft deal has been OOS for some time

starter kit

Looking for another one of these great gadgets. Has anyone seen one on sale recently? The Microsoft deal has been OOS for some time


I am looking for rental van(7 passengers) for one day..but need to pickup from Port Everglades Cruiseport in Fort Lauderdale and drop of at Miami Airport next day. What are my the best options as Its been a while since I rented last time. Appreciate any pointers.


Anyone know where to find these?

security camera

Looking for a deal on Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Camera - 1080P or the new 2k version ip3m-941b A year ago they were on sale ... s-2038205/


I bought this island a few months ago for my open concept apartment with barely any counter space: But am finding that the surface is too small for me (and I figured it might be but the next size up at Ikea was not even close to this price, so I c...

portable battery

Hi looking for a portable battery pack for when I travel for my Galaxy S7 I would like one that supports fast charging the smaller it is the better.


Hello everybody, Could anybody share the links for deals to buy Chest freezers or ice makers?


Hi, Please recommend where I can print custom logo on t-shirts/ hoodies? I need only couple of each. Thank you in advance!


Hi everyone, Looking at purchasing a Chromecast for my father this weekend - any deals? All help is appreciated. Thank you, TR


Any promo codes for this years show in Toronto?

wii u

I'm thinking of getting a Wii U for the kids. I realize that it's sunset so no new games are likely to come out but I figure what's already out there will keep them entertained for a couple of years. Let us know if you see them on clearance at any retailers online or in the Ottawa area. Thanks, Mike


looking for a pair of Oakley Straight Jacket Sunglasses. Soft bag included. . 04-328 Polished Black / G30 Iridium seems like I can only find them on


I'm looking for the best price on a 4 TB surveillance hard drive and am looking to purchase 4 in case they come in a multipack. Typical brands include Seagate Skyhawk and Western Digital Purple. I'm hoping there will be a deal with Black Friday coming up.

pc gaming

Hi, I am building a man cave and was looking for a TV somewhere around the 60" size (could be smaller, probably not much bigger though). I plan to use it for console and PC gaming and movie/Netflxi watching as well as for general computing use, so for the latter I understand it would need to be 4K. ...


Does any one know which supermarket or gas station carries Lowes gift cards in the GTA area? I get 4% cash back on them if I spent money in those places. Many thanks


Hello, Does anyone know when Esso , Petro-Canada, or any other gas cards come out? I am referring to the ones that you pay $50 or $100 for and they include 5c off per litre for 200 litres or so.


I'm building an SLA 3D printer so the projector doesn't need a lot of features. It does need to have a native resolution of 1080p or higher, and it needs to be DLP (ideally) or LED. LCD projectors won't work. The best price I've found for a recognizable brand is around $725 for an Optoma on Amazon. ...