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Hi Guys, I am going camping in two weeks and looking for tent for 4-6 people. My old one is leaking. I am looking for recommendations where and which tent to buy? I am looking to spend upto $150 but willing to spend more if it worth it Please let me know and thank you, All the Best, Ildasm

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Hello, If we have any women rec hockey players who are free this Saturday, I am running a fundraising tournament for the Markham Thunder of the CWHL - 2018 Clarkson Cup Champions. This is an opportunity for you to play with a pro. We have a few registration spots open. If you are interested, please ...


I just bought a $500 Giant Hybrid bike to commute to work. There's a secure area on my building to store bikes during the day. What kind of bike lock should I get? What bike lock do you have and why?


This is my humble review of my two day use of Garmin's smart watch. I'm comparing it to my Timex Ironman Triathlon watch. I had the Timex watch since early or mid 1990's. It lasted for a longtime until the battery went dead. The Timex watch can keep track of time, had the stop watch function, can co...


Looking for 2 players interested in joining the rest of our run this school year (4 sessions left - May 14, 28, June 4 & 11). Skill level intermediate. Potential to be regulars for next year's run (Sept to June). PM me for details if interested. Thanks


Anyone here into Openwater fishing If so please feel free to comment and five me a heads up where are the most reliable sources where I can go fishing I hear Manitoba and Ontario are 2 of the best places for lake and river fishing. Anyone??

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Was having a debate with a friend the other day on what type of playoffs we like better. In the NBA with the sheer number of baskets and 7 game series the best team almost always wins because it is less likely the impact of one play or missed call will change the outcome of the series. NHL is a litt...


So none is excited for the return of Canadian hero GSP? Have been surprised with the lack of excitement around this one.


Hello, I need to buy my son (14) a jersey for Christmas. His favourite player is Lebron plus he likes some guys from the Cavaliers and Warriors. Any suggestions on the best place to get these jerseys without breaking the bank? Many thanks

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My kids have been playing house league in Orillia because we spend our weekends near there. My eldest is going to be playing bantam next year. Unfortunately, Orillia bantams play on Monday so that will be a no-go for him. That's too bad as it has been a really nice league for my kids. I know that th...


... And was looking into getting one of these solar panel chargers to charge my trolling battery while I'm out on the water. 1. Has anyone ever used one of these or are currently using one? If so, which model do you have? 2. In the picture of my boat.. if you're looking at ...


Hi, I am looking to start playing again in spring/summer; stopped for a few years now - Scarborough/Markham region. I prefer to join an actual team to develop team skills. Let me know, Thanks!


Hello people,,, I want to start heading to the gym, and confused as I'm fairly new to Oakville, any good places that's got affordable memberships? I searched online and came across a gym called "Anytime Fitness", is it any good/affordable? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks,


This has to be one of the weirdest on so many levels. The overweight female fighter looks like she can play middle linebacker for the BC Lions. ... 29920.html


Hi there, Hope you’ve been well! We know you’re a soccer fan and we have some pretty sweet news to share with you. Interested in hearing the deets? We’d like to invite you to join us for an exclusive fan-only call today @ 3pm EST. Call details are as follows: * Number: 877-830-2649 OR 785-424-1824 *...


... All i've been able to find is this bumper with music playing during recent CFL game but Rod Black talks over top of it: Plays at 1:39:17 Tried asking TSN via email and social media but they don't respond at all. I don't know how to get a response from them.


Im looking at getting some new ski boots to replace old Rossignols. Im really torn on what to get though. Im very much an intermediate skier, I spend almost all of my time chasing my kids. I stick to groomed runs all the time and take very few jumps of any real size. My feet are average in width. I ...


Looking for squash courts in Mississauga (or within reasonable driving distance of the airport OR 401 & Erin Mills. OR in between). Don't want a full gym membership (maybe a cheap one worst case) - just the squash time would be ideal.


Hi everyone I'm looking for a boxing gym suitable for adults beginners to fit in. Any recommendations? I live near King&strachan and I'd prefer to find some place not too far for me. Cheers


... replaced. It's a 26' bicycle, not sure which tube to get. Bicycle: Inner Tube: ...


This is not a thread to start a league, just to discuss potentially winners. Hopefully most of you avoided NE last night Who are people targeting for Sunday? I am leaning towards PITT, but the Bills are lingering in the back of my mind....


Getting back into cycling after a small break. Mid last year, I was hit by a car leaving a parking lot, fortunately I was ok, but my helmet was cracked. Looking into getting a new one. Last one was a Giro Atmos that I picked up in the States, it was decent and I'm looking for something similar. Does...


Anyone here into Openwater fishing If so please feel free to comment and five me a heads up where are the most reliable sources where I can go fishing I hear Manitoba and Ontario are 2 of the best places for lake and river fishing. Anyone??


Hi, Does anyone have the Toronto Raptors pre-sale email that they could forward me. I deleted mine in error and now pre-sale tickets are on today. Thanks


In my Google searching, a lot of them drew their winners in December and the other ongoing ones I've seen are US residents only. Anyone have any luck finding a contest or raffle to win some Super Bowl tickets?


This Ronaldo goal is the best goal I have ever seen.