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Aug 20, 2010
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Target Apparel

So, anyone have any info about the Target Apparel store opening up near Warden and Eglinton East?
It used to be a Designer Depot, but it looks like everything's on clearance for a closing down sale and the signs outside of the store are now saying Target Apparel.

There was no informaiton there about when they expect to open.
I look forward to checking out Target's first few stores.
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Sep 3, 2006
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Target Apparel is not Target.
Nov 28, 2006
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Target Apparel is a store owned by the same person that owns International Clothiers and Fairweathers. They are in a legal battle with Target over the name in Canada.
Sep 13, 2005
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The store is open now although they are still working on changing the signs. Designer depot was started by HBC and was sold off a while ago (at least a year) to INC company. It looks like INC company is fearwether/international clothiers. this company has been fighting target corp. for some time about the trademark of the name in canada. Originaly Target Corp. (us) won the rights but this ruling was recently over turned and fearweather/international clothiers have the ownership of the name "target" in canada. this battle is still going on and fearweather/international clothiers have till the end of Feb. to prove they have used the name "Target" or were planning to use it within the last 3 years. this has made them start opening stores. first in sudbury and BC. and now it looks like they are finaly changing the "Designer Depot" stores to "Target Apparel".

Some people including Target Corp. are saying that this is a stratigic move to try and keep Target out of Canada, and confuse canadian shoppers.