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Which team wins in a made up game, Grey Cup winner or U.S. college number 1 ranked team?

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  • Nov 9th, 2018 4:18 am

Poll: Who wins the made up fantasy game of CFL vs. U.S. college best team

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Grey Cup/CFL team
U.S. best college football team
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Oct 23, 2003
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UrbanPoet wrote:
Nov 6th, 2018 7:30 pm
LEts flip it on them.

Make a foot ball team with all the best NCAA players...
The Grey CUp winning team.

Who wins?
you mean an all star ncaa team but not an all star cfl team?

basic logic would dictate NFL > CFL > school whatever

the only problem is the games arent the same. Almost like comparing hockey with lacrosse...the same but not really.
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May 9, 2006
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Sorry, but the level of talent isn't very high in the CFL.
1. At least 21 of the 44 man game day roster has to have Canadian citizenship. There are some good Canadian players, but most are bench warmers.
2. CFL doesn't get the pick of the litter after the NFL draft. Many players who were not drafted will do one of 4 options before even considering the CFL:
a. The vast majority give up their dream of becoming an NFLer and either finish school or get a job.
b. Join various NFL training camps. Guys who get cut will either quit or try below.
c. Join conditioning and camps outside of the NFL to try again next year. This is becoming more and more popular as football careers are short mainly due to the wear and tear. Why play games when you can get bigger, stronger and faster through conditioning with little risk of injury.
d. Try to sign with local pro football teams. This is more attractive because they don't have to leave their home city or state. And... well some of them with their criminal records are not eligible to even enter Canada.
If they haven't given up by now, then CFL looks like a possible option. The simple fact that not many players who do go to the CFL ever make it in the NFL. Fun fact: There are 44 Alabama Crimson Tide alumni currently on NFL rosters as of the start of the season. There are only roughly around 19 former CFLers currently on NFL rosters at roughly the same time.

Also this fictitious game is playing by NFL rules. That does make a massive difference. For example, CFL teams also need to adjust to playing with 11 players and not 12. You just know that this will happen: a CFL corner will cover tight underneath thinking that he's got over protection from a safety... but with only 11 players there's no safety there. QB throws long. Big plays happen. Argos need to adjust, Alabama doesn't.
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Jun 27, 2004
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Regarding 21 man having to be Nationals, that gets thrown out, so anyone under contract by the team is eligible to play.

Regarding talent, how many guys on a college team wouldn't make it in the CFL? It's good to compare numbers of guys who would make it in the NFL, but it's a team game (ie. only as strong as the weakest link).

Good point about the NFL, but aren't most of the DBs from the US? Habits still die hard, though, so you may be right about expecting help from the safety. But then again, the field is so much smaller than what they're used to, so maybe they won't be as reliant on the extra help.

I don't know the time college players can put into training and stuff. CFL is still professional, so guys put in full time hours on football. Talent is great, but strength and fitness can overcome talent.