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TELUS yet to resolve inability to call ROGERS cell phones

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  • Jan 3rd, 2013 3:50 am
Jul 21, 2008
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Whistler, BC

TELUS yet to resolve inability to call ROGERS cell phones

I am a TELUS subscriber, live in Whistler BC.
I spoke to a friend about New Year plans on way to work at 10:55am PT.
Tried calling him again at 4:30pm PT and my iPhone showed me the CALL FAILED, CALL AGAIN screen.
My signal strength was full, yet none of my calls to 3 different friends would go through!
This went on until I got home at 7p.
Called TELUS and spoke with tech dept., asked if there were any others experiencing this same issue, they said no.
But then why would they ADMIT there service was failing and customers were unable to call loved ones to wish a Happy New Year?
How bad would that look? One of the many BUSIEST DAYS of the year and their clients have NO SERVICE to call people - WOW...
My call was "disconnected", and when I called back, a different agent said that it's odd the previous agent never called me back for that's their policy.
This agent suggested I reset my phone, all that did was lose over 10 of my wifi passwords.
Irritated that it's now 8pm PT and I'll be unable to call my family in Toronto to wish them HapNewYr, I decided to call many other of my buddies to figure this out, for I could RECEIVE calls, just had problems making them.
That's when I noticed that ALL 3 of my failed calls were to ROGERS subscribed friends.
Texred them to call ME back, they received texts, called me and confirmed that they were ROGERS users.
So now my research has exposed it's only to ROGERS users that calls are failing. My calls to TELUS, KOODO & BELL subscribers were fine - strange...
Called back tech dept and gave them this info, learned that they had been updating their system and this matter was of great concern, thanked me for sharing my discovery and that they'd open a ticket to resolve this matter urgently.
Called again this afternoon (Jan.1) and learned that this ticket was STILL OPEN and UNRESOLVED!
It's been almost 24 hours and TELUS has yet to figure out this problem, yet they make NO MENTION about it during their menu announcement.
Seems they're trying to keep this huge internal mistake of theirs hushed.

Wondering if any other TELUS subscribers are having the same problem, and whether they've been kept in the dark when they call TELUS?
If so, then I think we should ALL ask for some kind of credit for this GRAVE INCONVENIENCE.
Look forward to hearing from all.
Thanks for letting me vent, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
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Jan 1, 2013
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I reported the same issue to Rogers and Telus on jan 1st (Whistler and Vancouver Telus subscribers unable to call Rogers numbers, but can text. Calls from Telus mobiles to Rogers #s indicate Call Failed, calls from Telus landlines to Rogers #s get an All Circuits Are Busy recording).
Rogers said it must be a Telus issue. Telus said they would look into it, and send a technician to the house on Monday jan 7th, unable to grasp that it is widespread issue not an individual technical fault on my Telus landline.
Anyone else experiencing this? Or getting anywhere on a resolution?
Jul 21, 2008
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Whistler, BC
Tried them again today, and they ONLY said it was a Whistler issue NOT Vancouver also - pretty embarassing.
I complained about it New Year's Eve and the agent told me to relax about it. I explained that while many people celebrate Christmas, EVERYONE celebrates New Year's, and that this is a DIS-service. due to their upgrade of the system, I've now had over THREE days without being able to call family and friends. I just upgraded and signed a 3-year contract with unlimited Canada calling and I'm left to making family call ME?!!
How long will this take?
How will they compensate us? 3 days is 10% of a month - I'd expect more than a 10% credit - this is a very busy time of year to be contacting friends and loved ones!
ROGERS clients have had NO trouble calling us - is TELUS not as high quality of a service as theirs?