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Testing Extended Warrenty at FS for Cell Phone

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  • May 5th, 2008 11:55 pm
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Mar 10, 2005
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Well, this is my experience with my FS extended warrenty..

I got the black Nokia 6265i. After about a year, the software won't start up anymore.. They gave me a run around at a couple of FS, but eventually at the place I originally got it, the switch it with the ugly black/white Nokia 6265i..

Well, after almost a year of that one (not quite a year), the software crashed again.. At first, I was expecting them to replace it, but because it was under a year since I got it, they would need to try to fix it first.. After about week of waiting, I went back to check on the status and appearently, it arrive, but no one left me a message. They told me it couldn't get fixed, so they would give me one of equal value/feature.. They gave me LG 8600.. I think I had the option to get the value of the phone towards another, but I had another year on my contract anyways..

Actually, that day when I came back, I had an offer for $200 of a smart phone.. I wonder if I could have used the credit for the LG and offer to get a HTC Touch? Anyways, it worked out for me getting 3 phones in 3 years.. Too bad I had to program in all my numbers again..