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Dec 21, 2007
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hellracer wrote:
Mar 14th, 2017 9:05 am
I'm shopping for my wife right now and hesitating between yoga X1 and the yogo 460. They seems pretty much similar.

looking for FHD not glossy, 8G, 128G sata(upgrade later), 8G,pen, RJ45plug, 6200U,

Any ideas why should I go for one instead of the other? Is the X1 more flexible? there`s only 150$ diff on CDA site.
I have had the X1 Yoga for just over a year now and i am very happy with it. I also have an S1 Yoga (12" screen) and have had good experiences with it as well.

The X1 Yoga is intended to be the higher end model and based on my experience it is. It is nice and light and i find it meets all of my needs. I don't know much about the Yoga 460 and how it can be upgraded. I know with the X1 Yoga, the only thing that you can upgrade is to put in a larger hard drive. I ordered mine with a 128gb (lowest config) and then put a 512 in it. This was fairly easy to do, although at the time there was not much info listed on how to do it and what hard drive to use. The memory is soldered on, so you cannot upgrade it. Also, given how thin it is, there is no room for an RJ45 plug, you need to do this through a dongle or through the OneLink+ dock. Myself i have the dock so that i can use it with two external monitors.

It may be worth waiting a few weeks for the X1 Yoga 2. It was announced back at CES in January and is supposed to be available soon. There are not a huge amount of changes to the system physically, just updated hardware. I don't know if it uses a new dock or continues to use the onelink+ dock.
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