Thread Collections for individual colleges and universities.

Mar 6, 2015
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Thread Collections for individual colleges and universities.

Please make this thread a sticky at the top. I found out the mother or father threads of individual college or university are "mixed" in the threads of topics. So I want to create this thread as the springboard to each thread for each institution.

Under the title of each thread and the date of "last updated" are Tags. For examples, this particular thread use tags such as: "college search", "university program", "college to university", " university transfer", "program selection" and others. In their meanings, they function similarly to hashtags, those preceded by the number symbol # on twitter. Clicking on one tag collects thread with the meaning of that tag.

Search and advanced search are still the way to go for exhaustive results. Considering searchable keywords and useful forum for your question takes time. If you have not found the information about a college or university you are looking for in the following list or the post secondary institution per se, using tags is quicker. Moreover, I advise you to use tags to search if you are only looking for information to skim but not post. Tags link threads by contents. Someone might have discussed your situation years ago, especially if yours evolves around affairs on students. You are likely to get a group of threads about the contents in the tags, on top of which the search option is also available.

If you are posting, please add tags relevant to your topics so readers and posters can reach threads more easily.

So without further adieu, the followings are the links, by alphabetical order:

Athabasca University
Brock University

Please merge the threads about the Carleton University.
Carleton University Thread 1
Carleton University Thread 2
Carleton University Thread 3

Conestoga College
Fanshawe College
McMaster University
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Mohawk College
Mount Allison University
Queen's University
Ryerson University
Seneca@York: You Got Questions, I (Might) Have Answer
Sheridan college
the University of Alberta
the University of British Columbia

Please merge the threads about the University of Guelph.
the University of Guelph thread 1
the University of Guelph thread 2
the University of Guelph thread 3

the University of Laval
the University of Montreal
the University of Ontario Institute of Technology
the University of Ottawa
the University of Saskatchewan

Please merge the threads about the University of Toronto.
the University of Toronto
the University of Toronto

the University of Toronto at Scarborough
the University of Toronto Library
the University of Toronto Scarborough Library
the University of Toronto St. George campus
the University of Waterloo
the University of Western Ontario

Please merge the threads about the Wilfrid Laurier University.
Wilfrid Laurier University thread 1
Wilfird Laurier University thread 2

York University
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Well done. Mods, sticky please.

I reported your post to ask it to be stickied.
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Mar 6, 2015
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Merc with a Mouth wrote:
Aug 2nd, 2017 12:42 am
requested information on Seneca Accounting and Finance
My advice is to attend college if the program you wish to take is a known strength or unique. Examples would be the chef school at George Brown, Paramedic at various colleges, Information Security Degree at Seneca/Sheridan, Art school at Seneca/Sheridan, Supply Chain Management at Humber, and many other programs.
I am posting Information only. Direct your question(s) to the original poster(s).
Mar 6, 2015
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This is only an information post.
ItzMe wrote: Oct 20th, 2004 11:18 am
Why the college if you don't want to do an MBA???
I know BCIT students who have received their Bachelor's degree and proceeded to complete SFU's specialized MOT (Masters of Technology?) under the MBA program there.
UBC flatly states that as long as the degree is a recognized 4 year degree from an accredited institution, they will accept it as the prerequisite degree to enter the MBA program. This implies (to me) that programs that grant degrees at various colleges should also be eligible (Capilano College, BCIT, Kwantlen, etc.) AFAIK BC doesn't offer 3 year degrees like Alberta & Ontario do.
I have no idea what the actual quality of the respective programs is...from what I've heard BCIT's is recognized in the BC workforce, and Capilano's while the most expensive of the lot is pretty decent...
No idea whether one has a better chance of post-grad employment coming from a college as opposed to a university though...but it's always an option especially since one would probably receive a good amount of transfer credit for course work already completed at SFU or wherever ...
basis wrote: Oct 20th, 2004 8:07 pm
Unfortunately, getting a degree from a college or technical institute is not the same as getting it from a University. The local universities like SFU and UBC may not discriminate between a another university or local college program. This is probably because there is heavy local pressure to make it look fair.
But that is not the case necessarily if you go to Alberta, Ontario, or the US. These out of province uninversities will look at grades, courses, professors, and recommendations. By not being a full fledged university they will probably discount the grades and professors since they do not know much about the educational institution. It's kind of like comparing the universities: Berkeley with Oregon. Both are public universities and both play in the Pac 10 but coming from Berkeley is much more difficult and has a higher reputation than Oregon. Both offer equivalent quality of teaching for a bachelors degree but Berkeley is still preferred over Oregon.

Technical 4 year degrees are different from 4 year university degrees, namely the technical degree is more on the applied side rather than on breadth of study including the Arts. The 4 year university-college degrees are closer to the regular university degrees however these institutions do not have the same reputation as the more older and established universities. It sounds a little snobbish but that it the way it is. Getting into a top graduate university in the US would be difficult if the US university never heard of the college or technical institute. In the US the differentiation is more pronounced than in Canada. If you come from a name-brand university you get more choices than if you come from a local college. In BC if you come from UBC you get a better chance at being accepted to a top US school than from UVic or SFU. When transferring courses to other provinces the tranferability of courses is benchmarked to UBC. UBC is the benchmarked university but it doesn't mean that the education you receive from UBC is any better.
As for getting a job in the local market I don't think the employers really care if you come from UBC, SFU, or BCIT. If you completed the degree that is good enough.
ItzMe wrote: Oct 20th, 2004 8:16 pm
I understand where your coming from, and have heard the same, UBC has an international reputation that local colleges just don't have, so one would find their prospects limited internationally I suppose...
I know one guy who is going to Capilano right now to do his degree - he chose it instead of UBC/SFU simply because Capilano maximized his existing diploma courses for transfer credit, and he can finish a degree there in 2 - 3 years compared to the 4+ it would take him at SFU/UBC - for him it was economics...
I suppose in that case he'd still be okay if he decided to goto UBC for an MBA - once he had that, he could still trade of UBC's name where necessary...I don't think he has designs on a US school for graduate studies at this point (they're *expensive!* !!!)... :)