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Ticketmaster E Transfer ticket purchase

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Dec 30, 2012
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Ticketmaster E Transfer ticket purchase

Hope this is the proper forum for me to ask this question.

Going to meet a seller, that I found off of Kijiji, to purchase concert tickets. Never done this before. The seller will be e-transferring the tickets to my TM account. Before I hand over my cash, at what point do I ensure that I'm entirely safe - or as mostly safe and guaranteed as possible?

Did some FAQing on Google and TM and from what I've been able to put together - ... ers-to-me/

- Seller transfer to my email that's associated to my TM account

- I should receive an email saying the tickets are ready for me to accept >> hopefully, the email is instantaneous so that I don't have to stand around with nothing to do but wait with the seller

- I believe I read on TM's FAQ that the seller can cancel the transfer at any time until I actually confirming accepting the transfer >> so I suppose that I must wait for the email to arrive and accept the tickets before I pay up and we depart

- I also believe that I read that the tickets can only be accepted through desktop or laptop (can't via mobile) >> my seller says he will bring his laptop, so I'd have to ask to use his laptop to sign into my account and accept (I don't have a laptop)

- Once I accept, I believe at this point that I would be guaranteed the tickets and I am safe to hand over the cash.

Can anyone confirm for me if this sounds about right?

Many thanks!