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Time Management / Timesheet Management

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Oct 9, 2010
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Time Management / Timesheet Management

Was wondering if anyone has an effective way to keep track of jobs/time usage; I do it the "quesstimate" way like basically everyone else does (on Friday, you invent approximate times for everything), and it's both annoying to do, and doesn't exactly help me really figure out where I am wasting time (wasted time is almost impossible to remember). In fact, I sometimes wait months to do timesheets, which is obviously a bad habit, so I want to try and fix it, and REALLY don't want to be trying 10 different pieces of software if I don't have to.

My issue is that many jobs are only a few hours long (maybe less than an hour); there are days where I spend 3 hours on phonecalls, and 45 minutes on 7 different jobs, and a litany of other annoying things (fixing my PC, bathroom breaks, cooking, etc), and while writing things down isn't too hard (I do this now ... unreliably), it doesn't really help me much since I have to digitize everything anyways (make invoices / update custom tracking spreadsheets, etc).

Now, I don't need to have a solution that actually bills my hours with my accounting software either; I invoice based on what I know I can get away with generally, but there are jobs that I am "allowed" 10 hours, but I spend (probably) 14 on them, but can still only charge 10 ... something "automatic" would generally not work for most things I do, and I don't see the advantage of an integrated solution (I work with a lot of open POs). This is mostly so I can see "Wow, I spend 20% of my day playing on the Internet, 12% of the day in the bathroom, etc etc", and to be able to see how much approximate profit I am making off various work types.

I was considering getting a Zei, but they're like $150CAD, it seems like their app isn't very good, and it seems a lot like marketing matters most to them. While $150 isn't much, to me its a lot to throw at what appears to be a beta product, and is something that has basically no resale value.

Just looking for ideas and opinions. Maybe I am looking at this all wrong and need to drastically adjust the structural way I do things, so I am all ears.
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