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Locked: Toronto Discriminatory Laws.

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  • Nov 11th, 2017 7:41 pm
Aug 8, 2017
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Toronto Discriminatory Laws.

If I were to put a sign up, and inform passer-byes that BLACK members of society were banned from my retail store... because the caucasian shoppers inside needed their safe-heaven from them to shop. Wouldn't you assume the city, or someone would complain and shut down the operation?

After all the struggles last century, I would assume this would not be allowed? Common sense? Or not?

I have a serous question due to something recent. Since I ran into something like this, but on the sexist discrimination level. I recently was going to Toronto with a girlfriend of mine, we went to visit one of the typical kink-shops for a bit. Then I was absolutely stumped to find out that I was not welcome to enter a store since apparently males are banned from the store from hours A to Z daily... for similar REASONS. The owner is an advocate feminist, which I think explains that.

If this is allowed, is it a double-standard, or can it legally go both ways? I had always assumed if I did something like that, and prohibited females in my retail store, feminist would be the first to go complain and throw this up on the CBC as some major crime against women.

Thanks in advance for thoughts on this. And for the record, 'no' I would never prohibit someone in any retail store of mine due to race or sex. I think these people are nuts. Literally.
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Aug 19, 2013
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You are right to be pissed off. And no most of us women who would consider themselves femisinists would not agree with this.

You can't discriminate against someone because of sex. I think it could be a human rights violation. If you really want to stand up for yourself (which men should do just as women do) look at filing a complaint with the human rights tribunal.
Aug 8, 2017
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femisinists would not agree with this.
So far, me and my girlfriend have noticed the most hateful sexists have always been feminists. So I'm not sure about that comment at all. There is no reason I see someone who is a true egalitarian would join a group that they know clear well is always infested with extremists and hypocrites.

But this is not the point of why made the post. I simply want to know if this is even legal. I have heard that government offices are held to more stringent rules, while those private businesses are allowed a lot of leeway and grey-area. However, when you are bold enough to make public statements as to certain things, this seems to be pretty... bold.
filing a complaint with the human rights tribunal.
I do not wish to do this for at least two reasons.

#1, I do not want this store to get more publicity... just in case bad publicity actually helps.

#2, Haters are always going to hate.

You just can't change people like this by changing law. Honestly, I'd rather have most people KNOW they are not invited/welcome into a store, know this ahead of time, rather than go in unsuspecting...

One thing I wouldn't mind doing, is setting up a competing store right across the street. And I'll be HAPPY to take the extra X amount of customers that someone is unwilling to sell to. Makes logical business sense?

In any case, me and my GF just went off to another competitor to buy stuff that day. We won't be going back, that's for sure.
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Jan 2, 2015
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Hmmm.... i remember taking a class on this years ago in business and there was a very lengthy debate about the legality and ethics of discriminatory practices such as charging different things for different ages, genders, race etc.

This was well before social media, but generally I remember that if one really wanted to make a stink about they could file a discrimination complaint but it often wasn't taken very seriously, when a group was given a preferred treatment.

For example, seniors and kids often receive discounts. That would be age discrimination for everyone else, saying you are too old or too young. Many bars and clubs have ladies nights, where they are free, but men have to pay. I have have seen that at shopping places too. Many 'gentlemens' clubs, aka, strip bars would not allow women in. There are Real 'chinese' menus and then the regular menu. Ere was a McDonald's restaurant beside a school that wouldn't allow any one under 18 in without an adult. There are more examples, but these are often accepted.

I remember in class, what if some said race X can't go in, or reworded it old peoe pay more, why is that okay? I never really got my answer, but it was acceptable for the reason that no one seemed to complained. In terms of legalities, I think as a private business they are generally allowed to do what they want as Along as it doesn't promote hate.

So Essentially yes it's legal.
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Nov 19, 2005
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until recently the city of Toronto itself had very gender biased bylaws i.e. the TTC After hours in-between-stops stops were for women only; it explicitly said "women traveling alone" .... don't even get me started on the federal govt. we live in a misandrist society, my friend.