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Toronto Homeshow 2013 ( Prize / Scam ?)

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  • Mar 20th, 2017 12:03 pm
Oct 7, 2011
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We just attended yesterday to the showroom in Woodbridge on Zenway Blvd. The first time we went was 2 years ago, where we knew nothing about it but went for the prize, which we actually did receive (though not on the spot - we had to return months later to pick it up) - it was a piece of garbage tablet that has since been thrown in the garbage - it was so painfully slow it wasn't even worth giving away. That first time we didn't get a meal.

This time we went fully knowing it was a scam, but we went for the free Swiss Chalet meal, and of course won the Florida vacation. If you go because you live nearby and the only reason is the free meal, why not. Otherwise you are wasting your time. I do think there is some legitimacy to what they do, but I don't think it will every actually pay itself off. Why can't I find one account of a happy customer online? When you throw this question at them they just revert to the old "people only go online to post the bad things" nonsense.